Find Chey Friday

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  1. Um… Mt. Baker?

  2. Not quite so far north, nor is this that high…

  3. Are you at Mount Stuart?

  4. Mom is terrible at this game; we hope someone finds you by the side of the road soon, Chey…Happy Friday!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Um… Mt. Shasta?

  6. You’re relaxing in a very beautiful spot in a mountainous region, Chey. Just don’t run into the road.

  7. Dunno!

  8. What are you doing on the side of the road? Did you get a flat paw? HaHaHaHaHa!
    I have no idea where you are!

  9. On top of Old Smokey? ahahahahahaha!

    The larger photo is awesome! Unfortunately, it helped us guess not so much!

  10. We don’t know, but we laughed at Parker’s comment.

  11. Um, er, uh, let me see… it’s… I don’t know!

  12. I have no idea where you are but am going to guess. Is that the white mountains in NH behind you. Or maybe you are in VT there are lots of mountains there too

  13. We know exactly where you are….somewhere on the side of the road near a mountain!! Okay….we know we stink at this game but it’s fun anyway.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  14. Haha! We were gonna say the same thing as Sniffie and the Florida Furkids!! We hope they don’t make you pick up trash on the side of that road!!

  15. We agree with Sniffie and the Island Cats! Our mom says she thinks you are out west somewhere (yeah, we know, great guess!)

  16. Are you in the great State of Washington? I just hope you aren’t trying to hitch a ride to my house Chey (unless you have a sock with you…)…don’t get in any car with woofies in them!!!!

  17. Resting on the side of a mountain road with a beautiful view behind you! You can’t be on the east coast because our mountains aren’t rocky like that. Just be careful that you don’t get picked up by any strangers.

  18. I am absolutely positive that I don’t know either!

  19. We are like the rest, we really don’t know. By the side of the road, laying on rocks and grass. Don’t get runned over and if you did get a flat paw call the repair guy or tow truck from AAA. Purrs.

  20. I am in Washington, but I am probably not heading to Cory’s. I’m probably heading to Misses Peach’s

  21. Far, far away from where we are. That’s for sure!

  22. That looks like somplace out west. we have furry mountains here on the east coast.
    Could you be in North cascades National Parrrrrk?

    bonk for happy Easter

  23. Mount Hood??????????????????????

  24. Be careful, Chey, or you’ll end up road kill! Is that Mt. Not-a-clue?

  25. Are you in the Wenatchee area?

  26. Pierro, I will have to look up your answer to see. I am not certain if it’s part of the National Park or not.

    ‘Kaika I am closer to home than I am to Wenatchee.

  27. Are you hitchhiking or resting from a long hike? If you tell us where you are we can send a St. Bernard with a keg out to rescue you.

  28. Erm, I think all the clever things I ws going to say have already been said, lol! :)xxx

  29. Are you in the Stevens Pass area?

  30. Someplace near your house? We too thought Parker’s comment was so funny!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  31. Not really ‘Kaika. It’s South of there.

  32. Pierro you are too far north, I’m sorry! I am near the Cascades but farther south. ‘Kaika has pass area right but there is a specific mountain with a name.

  33. Is it Mill Valley Mountain?

  34. Nope. It is in Washington State.

  35. Is that Cowboy Mountain? Or Big Chief?

  36. Nope. It’s not Twin Peaks but try checking that out…

  37. Is it Mt Daniels or Mt Hinman? They are visible on a map of Stephens Pass ski area.

  38. I’m not in Steven’s Pass. I am farther south. You can’t see this mountain from Steven’s Pass.

  39. Is it Glacier Peak that is visible in the photo?

  40. Simba, I shall have to give you and ‘Kaika awards for most searching without finding! :). Glacier Peak is still farther north than I am.

  41. Is it one of these 100 🙂

    Washington sure is a beautiful state.

  42. My last guess – Mt Adams behind? Then are you on Piker’s Peak?

  43. Too far South. I’ll give you another hint. The Woman passes the spot where this was taken on her way to work.

  44. Rattlesnake?

  45. No, but you can see this mountain FROM Rattlesnake Lake (I think the Ridge faces the other way)

  46. Mt Si?


  48. Way to go, Simba!!! I almost guessed again, but when I saw there was a Mt. Si and a Little Si, I figured I’d pick the wrong one!

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