Wondering Wednesday

So for those who were wondering: I am sitting on the biomat. It’s folded up because sometimes I knock it over so you can see the back.  It has crystals in it and it gets warm when it’s turned on.

My wonder for this week is why anyone would be so incredibly upset that there are people with out healthcare who will get it? I mean, there’s more name calling and hateful speech about this than there was when people marched in the streets of Little Beruit when we went to war with Iraq.  How can someone be more upset about health CARE than they can be about WAR?

Oh yeah–for those who missed that nickname, Bush gave it to Portland, Oregon.


  1. We live in the UK but we feel strongly that UK citizens should ALL have access to healthcare. One of mom’s dear friends died because he couldn’t afford to insure himself. He was a freelance photographer and got cancer (the same sort mom had) and was no longer able to work and thus couldn’t make the payments. He died from lack of healthcare.

    Yoo can read mark’s story here: http://www.cnn.com/2008/HEALTH/04/25/cancer.windsor/index.html

    RIP Mark ~ mom misses yoor friendship.

  2. PS: Mom even e-mailed the Governor of Georgia to try and help save Mark ~ he didn’t bother to reply (save for an automated reply that acknowledged receiving the e-mail).

  3. Mom Barb here. I remember Milo and Alfie’s Mom’s friend. It’s positively obscene to me that that sort of neglect of a human being is going on in this country.

    I had to cancel my health insurance about 3 years ago. The premiums were steadily going up. The last bill I got jumped another 28%! In the 6 years I had my Medical Savings Account with them the premiums went from $200 a quarter to $2,600 per quarter. I never once filed a claim! And that plan was taking their highest deductible option – about $7,500 before they would pay a penny.

    Lack of health care (or poor health care) to a sick individual should not even be an issue in this country and in this day and age.

  4. We are also Europeans and are equally amazed at the screaming and shouting that has been going on over this. That people can actually stand up and say that others should be deprived of basic healthcare is totally beyond us. On an accompanying note, we would like to remind everyone that the US is the only developed country with no control whatsoever on drug prices which is yet another reason why healthcare is so expensive there.

  5. Chey, we wonder the very same thing. We don’t get the haters at all…

  6. We don’t understand why everyone can’t work together and get something done here!! Name calling and fighting never gets you anywhere!!

  7. I do not understand very much about politics, but it seems like the people who are the most upset about healthcare for everyone are the ones already collecting government benefits like social security or VA benefits or medicare and such. I guess, as long as they have their own benefits, they do not care about anyone else.

  8. We are all very sad about the hatred. We know how important it is for us cats to have found a home that provides us a full medical and dental plan. We think all kitties deserve that…so based on that believe all humans should have it as well.

    Pee Ess…can we send a cuddly Siamese to you?

  9. Cats would never behave the way that some of these people are acting. Health care is a good thing. We think that the cranky people should all take naps.

  10. I’m Canadian, but I can’t understand it either, Chey! From what I can tell, whatever the Democrats want to do, the Republicans don’t. It wouldn’t matter what was in the bill.
    I think they want Obama to fail. I think he’s your best President ever — he’s very determined to get things done.
    It’s just too bad that folks let a party affiliation get in the way of true and very needed change.

  11. our country is getting more and more divided efurry day. we haf congresspeople calling their own con-stit-u-ents STUPID on the TV. Oh, and we doesn’t efen HAF a congressman because Eric Massa quit and our governor will NOT call an elekshun, efen though he legally has to. So,we haf absolutely NO representation in congress. And our suspicion is because although Massa was a Democrat he was voting against healthcare and our governor is FOR it and the replacement would most likely haf also been against it. Dirty and corrupt politics here in NYS. It’s all getting out of hand. and furry worrisome.

    we needs a bio mat. And a bowl of pudding. That will make it better.

  12. Chey, my family is very proud of our President
    Obama …….he knows on our levels how it feels as he first did this for the love of his mother who died of cancer. The Republicans are shouting government take over……..well as my pawrents say, you can’t have more government take over than your house being taxed forever……you never ever fully own it………they can tax you right out of it..Hisssssssssss!!!!! =^Y^=

  13. I’m amazed that people would be so eager to keep another group down — not the American way. And in such a hateful way, too. This anger in our country seems to be an unfortunate side-effect from 9-11. And that is when the terrorists start to win — when we start dividing ourselves. But I won’t rant…

  14. Mebbe all the Beins will get a biomat ta keep them warm…

  15. yooo luk sooo comfy

  16. We can’t understand it either. Okay, our NHS does have it’s failings in some sectors, but the important thing is that every one, no matter how poor, can see a doctor or get hospital treatment without worrying that they can’t afford it.

  17. Miss Gemini have yoo checked out da biomat?

    your boyfriendcat

  18. We’re wondering how we can get dat warming fing yoo am sittin on? And it haz crystals? Whoa.

  19. I like your special mat.

    We don’t like anyone hating! Unfortunately, the country is becoming more and more divided. It’s scary.

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