Whining Wednesday

If you look at my bed and see how messy it is you can see how I would whine!  Can’t a cat get decent help around here?  It’s not just my fur–it’s all the other stuff. After all, my fur is wonderful!

And of course, there will be no Find Chey Friday.  Yes that is right. The Woman thinks a seminar is more important than I am!  Can you imagine?  As if.  So she thinks she will not have time to do the Sunday Guest Star post on Saturday evening.  She is doing a soul retrival workshop with a Woman who is a Shaman.   If she were a cat, she’d never have lost it to begin with!  The worst part?  At the end of the month we have another weekend where she will be at a seminar (this one on treating stroke) and we won’t have it AGAIN.

I also heard her on the phone. In July she and the Male are going to Alaska to see his family.  Was I consulted?  No.  Will I be going?  Apparently not as she was also on the phone with the pet sitter.  Now what can I do to make her feel horrible?


  1. Good help is really hard to find. I hope you get your bed cleaned up. Looking pitiful is good, if your Woman responds to that.

  2. Oh how unfAIR! We fink yoo shud pee in their suitcases!

  3. Well, none of this is very good news for you! I hope my ‘rents don’t get any ideas like that!

  4. Chey, we wanna say you’re looking gorgeous today…even when you are whining…which by the way, you have every right to do! None of that is good news…

  5. But Chey, you are looking so beautiful!

  6. how horrible!!!!!

  7. Sounds like you are being deserted Chey. But you do look very pretty sitting on your wonderful bed. Hope you can have a great week.

  8. Simply shocking! I find that when I turn my back on my mom and ignore her it sends her over the bend….of course I can only hold out for about 3 seconds.

    I think you look so beautiful in your bed. How could anyone leave you?

  9. You just proved you don’t need neat to be pretty!

  10. This is intolerable, Chey!! I suggest going into her bedroom, finding the exact center of her pillow and depositing a large hairball.

  11. Chey, that is all so terrible for you!!…How can humans think anything is more important than the cat??…While your Mom is away, you are always welcome to hang out at our house, you know…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. We think the only thing that will even come close to making it up to you is ham everyday!!!

  13. Well, you can console yourself with the fact that you are gorgeous and that she will be deprived of looking at you and your lovely furs while she is away, for starters.

  14. Chey, It does look very messy. I agree.
    I think you need to scream really loud, much louder!
    You could sleep on your mom’s pillow. I think that might be very soft, and… no furs.

    Have you had some ham today?

  15. Do you really want to make your mama feel horrible? Maybe you should kill her with kindness and that might make her want to stick around you even more.

  16. We are being deserted in July too. Maybe we could get together and have a double house trashing. What is worse is that we are being deserted in April/May for a month as well.

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