Thankful Thursday

I am ever so thankful for invisible bugs.  And the birds that make noise in the eves.

I am thankful that I do not have to go outside to see the birdies because outside is just a little bit scary.

I am very thankful that Momma loves me and talks to me.  She asked me the other day if I were hiding in my closet all day and my dad answered, “Who me?” I think he is very silly. Why would he sleep in MY closet all day?  He works so that I can eat my good kitty food.

Momma was not too happy with me that I did not eat my kitty food last night. She says I am getting a little bit finicky. I think that I just know what I like.


  1. We are a bit confoosed about this food business. We decided on 5 ones we liked. Then we we decide we dont like one of those, it just stays in our bowls all day long.

    We need ta know how ta train The Big Thing better about those temperary changes in desired foods.

  2. We are thankful to be your friends…Hope you get some food you like soon, good luck training your Mom…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Oh yes, SS says I’m a finicky eater too. Must be a girl thing.

  4. There’s nuffin wrong wiv being finicky ~ it’s wot we cats do!

  5. I don’t think I’ve met a food I haven’t liked!

  6. Those are good things to be thankful for, Gemini. And regarding the food, we have to keep the Moms guessing. It is part of our job.

  7. You have lots to be thankful for!

  8. Finicky? Is that what your Momma calls it, Gemini? Our Momma calls it “You’re making me crazy!”

  9. Gemini, it’s your right as a cat to be picky…I mean they can’t expect that you would eat just anything! Even I won’t eat all cheese…no tasteless fake “cheese food” or tasteless low fat string cheese…nope. I hold out for the extra sharp cheddar!

  10. wow, you’re right. we should be thankful for invisible bugs! i never thoughts of that. thanks for a good reminder. i am also glad you don’t have to go outside. it is much nicer indoors.
    you have lotsa nice things to be thankful for. that is a pretty piture of you too!

    BTW, there is no cat who is a finicky eater. we just know what we like!

  11. I agree, we like what we like…so no problems!

  12. Well, one has to keep one’s people on their toes and one way to do that is to be a little finicky with food. But not too much…

  13. You have invisible bugs at your house? MOM….I want invisible bugs!!!

    Your friend

  14. Are invisible bugs as fun as real ones??

    And Gemini…you keep telling your momma what you want.

  15. We like invisible bugs too. Mom never knows if they are real or invisible!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  16. I think Lego is very different from you,
    he always eat ALL food.
    But that is just him, I think you are great!!
    Everyone get their own point~

  17. Just give them the tail when they’re being difficult, Gemini!

  18. Our mum calls us a pair of fusspots when we tell her we don’t like the food we loved the week before.

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