Thankful Thursday

We thankful for all our good compassionate cat friends.

Although we are not always thankful for each other, it is nice to have another cat!  Cory even offered to send me a floofy Siamese!  Maybe she would bring the floof and meeze together?!


  1. I am sure you are thankful for having a sibling, you just wouldn’t admit it!

  2. I am also grateful for so many caring cat friends. I feel that you really do like Gemini, you just have trouble admitting it.

  3. We think that being all alone would be no fun at all, so we too are grateful for each other, and for good friends such as YOU!

  4. Yes, it’s good to know that others understand and care…

    And it’s OK to not be thankful for each other all the time — a cat needs her space, too.

  5. Yoo can’t get along all the time ~ it wouldn’t be natural. Siblings hafta rassle from time to time ~ it comes wiv the territory. But we wouldn’t be wiv owt each other ~ and let any othercat or otherdog mess wiv my sibling and they gotted me to answer too. And I’m tuff!

  6. We think Frankie would fit in great with you two!

  7. Maybe Frankie could be the great equilizer!!

  8. Good friends are inpawtent! Frankie looks like a cool kitty….just saying!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. Friends are the best!

  10. It is good to have a buddy! Even if you don’t always see paw to paw.

  11. Rusty and I were sort of like you and Gemini – we didn’t fight, but we didn’t really cuddle. We led parallel lives mostly as if the other one wasn’t there. When we first encountered each other, there was a standoff with arched backs and a near fight, but then *I* did the sensible thing and laid down, conceding the alpha position to Rusty. After that, all was fine.

    I hope somebody gives Mr Blue Eyes a home soon. He is a very nice-looking kitty and does have that floof-meeze quality about him.

  12. Even though you may fight, we’re sure you love each other and would miss each other if one wasn’t around…Have a good day…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. I loves hafing 3 big brofurs! – Nicky

  14. We are thankful for you & Gemini 🙂
    While you two may not always get along,
    you might miss each other if you were separated for
    any length of time !
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  15. Even though you don’t always get on, it’s good to know the other is there.

  16. Are you 2 actually maybe sort of touching in that photo?

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