Thankful Thursday

I am quite thankful that I am the focus in this photo. Imagine if I were not?!  It would have been Gemini.  The Woman was playing with the camera settings again and so of course everything is very blurry–except ME!  Which is of course, rather as it should be.

I am quite thankful that the Male was home late last night because he was covering for someone else and something came up late as well.   The Woman almost waited dinner for him but she got hungry about 8 PM and ate.  He didn’t get home until 9:30.  I am thankful because he wasn’t around but also because that’s job security so they can continue to feed me copious amounts of the ham that I love.

Now I can only hope for more sun spots so that I can be captured in all my beauty.


  1. Happy BElated Purrthday Chey!

  2. Sounds like you had a perfect day, Chey.

  3. More ham is ALWAYS good!!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  4. Keeping the ham supply coming is super important. Glad the male has his priorities straight!

  5. Ham is always good and we are glad you get lots of it!! That’s what males are for to provide for us cats!!! Oh my we missed your Birthday!! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Birthday Chey and many, many, many moooooore!! We love your picture, too!
    Your TX furiends,

  6. Oh we hope your sunspots come back too! Ours just came back a month ago, after going away in the fall. No sunspots sucks!

  7. Well, more ham is furry important!

  8. Oh, Ham? Yum! You are looking snuggly cute today!

  9. Ham? Did yoo mention ham? We’re on our way over!

  10. We wish we could be thankful for HAM, Chey. We never get ANY.

  11. We thought you were going to say that you had his dinner because he was late.

  12. Sounds like the woman is making up for forgetting your birthday, Chey….

  13. We think the woman was very thoughtful to make the male work late so you could have extra ham!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  14. That is a very fetching photograph of you, Chey!

  15. It’s all about the ham…and sunspots.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  16. Now, see Chey, The Male really does love you to work all those extra hours to keep you in ham.

    Yes, since Angel is gone, our food is no longer on the vanity but back on the tray on the floor in the dining room.

  17. a busy male is a good thing. they gets into trouble otherwise

  18. With your appetite for Ham, the Male better work all through the night!

  19. Well, if ya gotta have yer picture taken, it is good ta be in focus for it. Otherwise, ya feel all blurry the rest of the day!

  20. no Chey, you are not blurry.
    I am glad that my dad works because I get more foods and toys.
    bonkies and bonks to your blurry sister too

  21. That is a most excellent picture of you Chey!
    Our dad has been working late these days too. Mom always eats earlier then keeps it warm for him.

  22. Mum is happy she doesn’t have to wait dinner for anyone other than herself and me!

  23. Sounds like the good times are back. Did you get that whole ham as a sorry-we-forgot-your-birthday present?

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