Tabby Tuesday

Oh hello.  I am sitting up here on Momma’s chair. See then she sits and I lie above her head.   Sometimes I tickle her with my tail.

Cheysuli wants to explain that she was biting her leg at you.  It’s a Shakespearean cat thing. You see humans bite their thumbs at others.   Cats bite their leg.  It is an insult.  I do not bite my leg in anyone’s direction.  Chey does all the time.  Well she is Chey, don’t you think?

Momma will be working more this week. I am not happy about that.   She will not even get to see the kitties on Friday. She had to find a substitute for her on Friday because she will be working. I know this means more cat food for me, but I do not have to like it.  She will not be around enough.  Momma should always be around I think.


  1. You’re right: mums should be available 24/7. We hope she can work from home and be with you all the time. We’ve got server problems so not blogging this week. Catch up soon!

  2. Gemini, we bet your Mommy likes for you to tickle her with your tail!!…Sorry your Mom is working so much; we know she misses you too!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. You’re look so floofalicious today in that pose, Gemini. Hope you cope without Momma when she is working. Take some big naps and the time will go quickly.

  4. We don’t like it when our mom isn’t around much either. They should always be readily available for us!

  5. Gemini, we’re sorry your mom isn’t going to be around much this week. She should spend all her time with you!

  6. I like to sit on the top of my dad’s chair too and tickle his head with my tail. It makes him laugh.

  7. i lay ‘ahind mom and kick her in the head every 10 minutes or so – Sammy

  8. Don’t they call this attention deficiency disorder?

  9. Hahaha! The Poupounette crack me up!

    Gemini, I totally agree with you; moms need to be home ALL the time.

  10. We agree with you and think that the only job our mom should have is catering to us. Unfortunately, she says that does not pay the bills.

  11. Gemini you are looking quite lovely today. It is fun to tickle our beans with our tails.

  12. I completely agree — Moms should ALWAYS be around!

  13. You tell her, home is where your heart is!

  14. Hello, beautiful Ms. Gemini! I hope you get to spend some real quality time with your Momma when she’s at home. I’m sure she misses you tickling her with your tail. (I paw at my human’s shoulder and bite at her hair, but tickling could be fun, too.) But yes, it’s good to remember that working=foods.

  15. Our Mom isn’t home enough either. We think we should all protest Moms that aren’t home.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  16. I am sure your Mom likes having you tickle her with your tail. My Mom wishes that I would do something like that with her more often.

  17. Mom says that your mom probably hates to ever leave you, but it’s what they must do to keep us supplied with a roof over our furry little heads and provide us with food and toys. I try to be brave about it…you can too Gemini!

  18. Gemini, you know that some cats have to hunt longer than usual to find the best food… well, that is what your human mom is doing when she is at her day hunting place. We know you appreciate it, though you don’t have to like being without her.

  19. Gemini…you have got to have the cutest, roundest, sweetest countenance (face) effurr! Shakespeare would have said countenance instead of face, we’d thought you’d like that!

  20. Yes, we agree. Unless they’re grumpy, then moms need to take a walk, drink some of Skeezix’s mother’s milk, or something to start the de-stress process. Only then should they return so we can finish the job with our meditative purrs and making biscuits.

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