Tabby Tuesday

Well it has been a long week with Momma gone most of the weekend.  She loved the workshop she attended and met some nice people. I am sure they were not as nice as I am.

The Dad was sick a little bit on Sunday.  But he still went out and got some real live shrimps for dinner that night. But he did not give me any.  I was kind of sad. I like seafood.

I do like the Dad.   I go up every morning and stick my buttocks in his face while I look at Momma.  I do this as soon as the alarm goes off.  He says that I should not do that.  But I think he does not appreciate me.   I mean, I would not do that if I did not love him right?

He also does not think I should scent his chair with my claws.  I am just showing him more love.   He does not understand me at all.  However, I am not like Cheysuli.  I will keep trying to make him understand by putting my buttocks in his face when he wakes up.  And if he doesn’t wake up, I will make sure that the backs of my fancy pants tickle his nose until he does!


  1. We totally agree wif you!! What a GRATE pic-shur of you.
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  2. You are looking especially beautiful today!

  3. Quite right; the more he complains, the more you should stick to your guns – I mean stick your guns in his face!

  4. Hehehehehehehehe!!! I (Clementine) always try to wake the dad up, to, but he does not like it very much when it is 3 am in the morning!! I still don’t understand why!! That is a great picture of your Gemini!
    Your TX furiends,

  5. That is very sweet of you doing these things to your dad!
    I think your dad will finally understand you in near future 🙂
    YOU are a very sweet girl.

  6. We agree with you. Some people can be real slow at seeing how much they are loved, even when it’s staring them in the face!

  7. The Dad does not unnerstand ya. He should feel honored ta see yer butt!

    And ya dint get anny shrimps? Somethin wrong wif that!

  8. No shrimps???
    I’d stick my bottom in his face just for that!

  9. Gemini you are such a gorgeous kitty and we think since your Dad doesn’t appreciate your butt or give you shrimps, you should keep putting your scent on his favorite chair…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Hmmmm…you show him all that love and he doesn’t share his shrimps with you? You are being way too nice.

    Love your gorgeous green eyes this morning Gemini!

  11. How many ways can you tell him you love him? Your half blinked green eyes might help if leaving your scent on his chair does not. Keep trying, he’s bound to come around…I hope.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  12. Gemini, you look very pretty today! We can’t believe the dad does not like your butt in his face! You keep putting it in his face until he does, okay???

  13. what a beautiful pikshur!
    Chey, our the mom gotted us the Blue Moon foods and that is what we is protesting. We hates it. We wants junk foods.

  14. I think you are on the right track, sometimes humans take a lot of training!

  15. It is hard to believe your dad does not appreciate getting to smell your butt!

  16. i don’t understand why your daddy doesn’t appreciate you waking him up with your tickling his nose with your butt hairs. i’m with Brian, he needs more training.

    i’m glad your mommy is home. that is a very pretty pretty picture of you!!

  17. I think it is very nice of you to greet him when the alarm goes off, even if your Dad doesn’t appreciate it.

  18. The butt in the face is a sure sign that you love your dad. Mum always wakes up to mine jammed against the side of her face.
    Not giving you any shrimp was very mean of him.

  19. We are very happy to hear you like your daddy and treat him, in our opinion, very nicely. You have to make up for what your sister lacks in this department! 🙂

    My goodness, you look just like momma’s kitty, Muffin, from years and years ago.

  20. you are so sweet and friendly and very bonkie pretty Gemini.
    I think you should ignore your daddy.
    next time he brings shrimpies home you much scream really loud


  21. Miss Gemini
    I do not understand why your Dad would not accept your kind offer that is only one way we all show affection!

    That is indeed one gorgeous picture of you!


  22. Gemini, you are such a purrty, floofy girlie! I wouldn’t find having your fancy pants in my face. Your Dad’s got to recognize a good thing when he sees it!

  23. Yes, kitties must put their bums in their people’s faces.

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