Tabby Tuesday

Uh oh!  This looks like the cap that Momma uses to keep her camera lens covered.  I wonder why it is here?  If I don’t walk into the sun do you think she will avoid taking my photo?  Or maybe the sun means I do not have the icky flash thing!

Cheysuli did have a nice birthday.   Momma fed me some tuna.  Cheysuli did not want any.  However, Momma also had some bacon but Chey did not want that either.  I think she was offered an awful lot that she would not eat.  We did not have ham.  Poor Chey.

I do not feel bad for her.  She is fat.  And she got to sit on Momma’s biomat while it was cooling off while Momma made dinner.   I think that should have been treat enough.


  1. We fink yoo were gotted by the camera ~ and very sweet yoo look too!

    Poor Chey! We have brought a whole HAM wiv us as a belated birthday present for her. Enjoy Chey!

  2. I’m late, but Happy Birthday, Cheysuli! I am sorry you didn’t get any ham. Gemini, you got shot by the camera while you were looking at the lens cap. You look great.

  3. Sorry to hear there was no ham, but the toona sounds yummy!

  4. We’re sorry Chey didn’t get any ham…but bacon is almost like ham. And it’s nice you got some tuna to celebrate Chey’s birthday, Gemini. Maybe Chey will get some ham today…

  5. tesla always turns up her nose to everything we offer her too. But hansel, will eat anything and everything!

  6. I think Chey is definitely holding out for ham…she even passed up bacon? That’s serious.

  7. Uh oh! Lens cap! My Mommeh is always misplacing her lens cap. She even got a couple of spare ones, just in case.

  8. Dat looks to me like it needs poking! Tell Chey it was fun huntin ham wif her yesterday! Mmmmm, mmm. I hope you an Nina had fun in yur groomin an purrin! Acept fur bisitors at my house, it was a good purrthday.

  9. We just hope you don’t get blamed for that camera lens cover Gemini. No ham for the birthday girl!

  10. No HAM? On her birthday? Chey must be ready to rant like crazy! You’d better lay low, Gemini!

  11. Poor Chey – sounds like you had a better Chey’s birthday than Chey did.

    You look very cute today, Gemini.

  12. Miss Gemini
    That is indeed a very lovely picture of you in the sunpuddle. I am glad you were able to get some tuna, which is also a favorite of mine. nom nom nom…..

    your boyfriendcat

  13. Purrfect, toona and a night cap!

  14. Bat it off the bed and hide it inna corner…

  15. If you show your Momma where it is, that must surely be worth extra treats.

  16. Oops! Happy belated birthday, Chey!

  17. Looks like mama gotcha anyway, Gemini! Didn’t need the flash, I’m guessing.

    I guess Chey was being finicky and holding out for ham. Well, at least you had a nice tuna treat, Gemini! And Chey seemed to have a good birthday anyway — that’s all that matters.

  18. I would hold out for ham too, but would take a secondary offering! You are cute Miss Gemini.

  19. Oh Gemini, you should always get your picture taken!

    Tell Chey I’m sorry I missed her birthday. I know how she feels, mom says I’m getting fat too….

    Today is Kavan’s birthday, he seems to think he can eat what ever he wants….sigh…

  20. We ate some hams in honor of the birthday boy…and are you thinking of stealing that flashy box thingy? That would be kinda sly!

  21. Happy Birthday my fellow 1st week of march baby! ;-D

    You know, Daddy has recently encountered a very smart Siamese on the street while on his Bike commute to work. ;-D

    Tha car took a block long strol from 1 house to another, ignoring the Daddy Cam practically the whole trip! ;-D

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