Tabby Toe Tuesday

Well, you can see if you bigify the photo my big ole toe that is in front of the camera.  Momma thought I was going to be a mighty big cat because I have always had big toes.  But I am a dainty girl.

On Saturday Momma had to drive over an hour to go to an orientation at the main shelter for the organization that she volunteers at Petco for.  She met lots of cats. There was a grand cream color cat that sat on her lap and purred. He was VERY big.   Then she met some lovely FIV kitties in their room.  In the main room for cats that just don’t do well in cages she met a couple of wonderful tuxie cats who really seemed interested in her and she wanted to take them home.  In the room where they have long term residents because they don’t like the litter box or have chronic URIs, she met several more very large cats, one of which was a meezer, that she wanted to take home. She did not come home with any.

I think I am glad. She does not pay enough attention to me as it is.   How would I get attention if there were yet another cat?!


  1. I feel your pain…maybe she can take a Meezer off my paws so I can get my fair share of attention and blog time back…it is MY blog afterall!

    Pee Ess your picture has us all confused…is there sweet little paws and a nosie in that picture?

  2. I am sure it was hard for your Mom to see all those sweet kitties who would have liked to come home with her. Hopefully they will get their own homes soon.

  3. Well we hope all the sweet little cats find loving forever homes ~ but we understand yoo feeling yoo don’t want to share yoor mom wiv more kitties!

  4. Yay for your Mom – volunteering is a great thing, and it makes her love you even more when she comes home!

  5. Thank your Mom for me! That is a wonderful thing she is doing!

  6. Your mom is so great to volunteer with and give lovin’ to those kitties who don’t have a home of their own.

  7. It’s nice that your mom is helping those sweet kitties find homes…at long as it isn’t your home!!

  8. our the mom seems to make time for 1:1 time for all of us. it’s pretty nice. we is shur that your the mom would do the same

  9. Goodness you are poof toed!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  10. What an adorable picture! Sweet Feetsies! Your Mommy is fantastic!

    Love, uSSSSS

  11. It’s VERY risky to let the mom have regular contact with adoptable cats. You might have to forbid her going again. It would be very hard for the shelter cats though. Tough decision!

  12. We hope those babies find loving, forever home; whenever our Mom is around homeless kitties, she wishes she could take them all home too!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. We think that cat paws are true examples of perfection!

    We can imagine that our mom just wanted all of those kitties to find wonderful homes. It is sad to see them waiting, and waiting…

  14. It must be very hard for your mum not to come back with another kitty. We are sad about the ones who don’t get forever homes.

  15. Cute toesies!!! We feel sad for all the kitties who don’t have forever homes and have to wait and wait at the shelters.

  16. It is wonderful that your Mom volunteers, truly wonderful, but we have all had a meeting and decided one thing for sure… We are not allowing Mom to see any more kitties because she stinks at Fostering. Srsly.

  17. Your mommy is a very wonderful bean!!

  18. Helping those kitties find homes is a great thing to do. We hope that they all get forever homes soon.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  19. Oh, we hope that your mom can help those kitties find wonderful homes of their own! I’m sure that she can find some other humans to talk to about adopting them, since they seem like such outgoing kitties. 🙂

    Yep, we live in Vancouver, WA, USA. Mommy was born and raised here, then moved to Portland for college, stayed in Portland, got married there, then we all moved here in December. We were all born in Portland except for Skylar (who moved around a lot with his first family), and Daddy was born and raised in Clatskanie, OR. But we’re a Vancouver family now! Actually, a Clark County family, since we’re in the Minnehaha neighborhood on 88th.

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