Meezer Monday

I bite my leg at you. Yes I do.

The Woman had an idea for her acupuncture cards and took some photos except that there was a black spot in all of them.  After cleaning her lens and what she could on the camera it was still there. It is now being cleaned.   She is likely to get another UV filter for her macro as well and then a bigger carrying case.

All this photographic stuff and are there new photos of me? NO!  This is a few days old. She should have gotten a loaner camera just to take shots of me while her camera was on vacation.  She is planning to take a photography class through our local community college for a couple of Saturdays.  So long as it requires that she take copious amounts of photos of me that is okay.

Did you know that in this month’s Popular Photography there was an interview of a woman who is a professional feline portrait photographer?  And it wasn’t Skeezix’ mom?!  Can you imagine?  If that wasn’t bad enough (that it wasn’t Skeezix’ mom who was interviewed) this woman said that Siamese tend to be aloof and stanoffish for their photos! Well I never! See if she ever photographs me!


  1. Oh wowie, Chey! Why would anybody want to take pictures other than those of kitties? We Ballicai simply can’t imagine. And Siamese standoffish for photos? Hmmm. MaoMao’s pretty blurry (cuz he’s always moving around), does that count? 😉

    Kittyhugs and purrs from the Ballicai.

  2. Shudn’t yoo be saying “cheese” for the camera?

  3. We think it’s absolutely essential to have a back-up camera!

  4. How negligent of your woman to send her camera off
    without taking extra photos of you!! She needs to give
    you extra treats to make up for that.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. Why are you biting your leg, Chey?? Maybe you ought to bite the woman’s leg for not taking more pictures of you!

  6. Hey, if it itches, bite it!

  7. Maybe your lady will have to take lots of pics of you for her class! We think you’d make the purrfect subject!

  8. Will you be going along for the classes, Chey? Then you could bite the teacher and photographers.

  9. Thanks for bringing ham to Jonesie’s celebration! She loved it but mostly she’s thrilled to see all of her friends.

    I think it should be a requirement of any photography class that you take a kazillion photos of your cat…and anyone who thinks Siamese are standoffish…has clearly not met my momma.

  10. we haf effektifly made our mom stop trying to take pikshurs – we just RUN when she gets the flashy box out

  11. Chey, aren’t all photogaphers feline photographers??!…We can’t imagine there are any other kind!…Have a great week without that flashy box!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. Oh boy. Biting the leg at the is serious.
    ~~da Mini

  13. Hmmppff! A lot she knows!!

    If I were you, Chey, I’d check that woman’s credentials before I’d let her photograph me.

  14. obviously that woman photographer hasnt efur met yoo.

  15. While we would all love more pics of you,
    you would have to put up with having the Woman chase you
    with the flashy box :/ Think about it 😉
    As for that “so called cat photographer” ,she must be ‘shooting’ Garfield,who never moves ,heehee
    Tell her to ‘shoot’ a REAL cat !!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  16. Aloof and stand offish? You should go to the college class and show what a true model looks like.

  17. Miss Gemini I think you would be the purrfect subject for your Mom new photographic sessions!!!

    your boyfriendcat

  18. Well, I think that’s a very good photo of you biting your leg. You’re very flexible, Chey. Does it feel good to bite yourself? Why do you do it?

  19. Aloof, it fits just fine Chey.

  20. That woman obviously just doesn’t know what she is talking about!

  21. She hasn’t seen aloof until she messes with a Persian!

  22. Hey, Chey? Are you doing self-acupuncture?

  23. “Siamese tend to be aloof and stanoffish for their photos”…

    Well, we NEVER! We are so camera friendly beyond compare! We let The Big Thing take some of the weerdest and even embarassin shots!

    Ayla and Iza

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