Find Chey (or not)

Hey–wait a minute?!  Where’s my photo?!  What do you mean there’s no Find Chey this Friday because you won’t have time to do a Sunday Guest Star?!  MAKE TIME.

What do you mean you are doing a stupid Soul Retrival Weekend?!  It takes you a full weekend to find your darned soul?!


I am so not pleased.



  1. I like how you are giving your Woman the raspberry about not being able to do a Find Chey Friday. Have a nice weekend anyway.

  2. Well at least we know where you are FOR THE FIRST TIME! You’re at home, in bed, and very, very sulky.

  3. Well look at it this way, Chey … you get a break and the Woman gets to take care of something that’s important for her. (Not that finding you isn’t important …)

  4. As Katz Tales implied, this time everybody will know where you are (at home in bed) and everyone will be a winner, even without the Woman posting about it on Sunday. You can prove to her you can do this thing without her help!

  5. What Katz said… At least we know where you are… for once! Iz gud. :0)

  6. Hmphhh! We thought we had found you for sure this week too. At least you aren’t in danger of getting wet, falling off some high building or get squished by a car while you rest in a parking space.

  7. Oh yes, at home blowing raspberries! Brilliant!

  8. Awful, just awful, Chey. Can we help you plot revenge?

  9. hey, wait a minit- your humans has to go retrieve her soul? did she sell it or something? I think our the mom prolly just gave hers away. maybe that’s her prollem and she needs to go get hers back too.

  10. Mom never knows where you are anyway (she really needs to get out more!) so we’re happy we can see you relaxing at home. Take a break from your travels and have a much needed “mental health day”.


  11. I guess it could be worse, have a great weekend anyways my friends!

  12. Cozy at home Chey! is that a valid answer? I guess not huh?
    Hey Chey, thanks for stopping by my Bloggy… BTW – my yellow beard was before meowmy got the Klaw Kontrol Bag – and NOT because of it… It was soooo hard to give me meds that it just wen everywhere – that’s how I got the beard! Now after the bag we don’t have that problem anymore… that’s why meowmy is trying to clean it! Anyways, sorry for the confusion!
    Good Day Chey!

  13. Maybe you should haf Cory as yur Sunday Guest Star, anyway! Mom worries bout her soul sometimes. See, on The Simpsons, Bart sold his soul and then automatic doors didn’t sense him no more. Mom amembers that when doors or towel thingies don’t sense her. If Nina rubs her chin on Mom’s toes, isn’t dat “sole” retrieval?

  14. Yeah, Chey, at least we finally know where you are on Friday!!MOL…Have some nip, take some naps=have a great weekend!!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  15. Chey, we hope you soaked her with that raspberry! No Find Chey?? Well now what are we supposed to do all weekend??

  16. We are very disappointed! We are on a roll now!

  17. Oh Chey, we totally get it!!!
    Mom is going away with her sister to visit with yet another sister. Their Mom will be there too 😮
    Our beans just don’t get how important we are!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  18. We’re all behind you Chey!

    Helllllllllllllloooooo Miss Gemini!

    your boyfriendcat

  19. drat! I came alllll the way over here to find you, Chey.
    Our moms are so unreliable.
    I do not know if they can revive their souls…

    bonkbonk to you and Gemini

  20. WHOA! A Soul Retrival weekend? Where did hers go? Schmaybe we could haf a dual Find Chey an Find da human’s soul Friday? Oh Mom is furry interested in da soul finding mission. Please tell when yoo find owt more about dat. Tales on Tuesday maybe? We can hardly wait.

  21. What’s that Smartypants ‘Kaika gonna do????

  22. Plenty of pictures will be taken of you at the Oscars. Now go polish your tiara and we will pic you up via the P4P Lear Jet. Plenty of ham for you. xoxoxoxo

  23. OOH, we know where ya are! Ya are AT HOME! Yay, we got one figured out!

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