Find Chey Friday

I think my bottom is cold!  I mean really–can someone find me before it freezes off?

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  1. We never can guess where you are, Chey, but we enjoy seeing you in all these wonderful paces!

  2. We agree with The Poupounette!!…Sorry Chey, hope someone finds you soon and warms you up!!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. We think yoo are in Switzerland on a ski slope!

  4. Is it just above Rhododendron Oregon?

  5. You are at a beautiful skiing place, and you are sitting on the snow so your butt must be very cold. It looks like a nice place to ski because it is not at all crowded. Other than that, not a clue!

  6. Mom says it reminds her a lot of Steamboat in Colorado. Since I haven’t a clue anyway, I will give yo Mom’s guess.

  7. Lake Tahoe???

  8. You’re at a ski resort…why you would wantto go there, we don’t know…waaaay too cold and snowy! But that sun looks nice!

  9. On the bunny slope looking for rabbits?

  10. well, you’re skiing somewhere, you should really get inside the lodge and warm your hiney up! and your feets! um, are you at the ‘lympics ?

  11. You are skiiing! Definitely! :0)

  12. Oh dear! You’ve become a Shaun White fan and you are looking for him out there in the snow…you might find him in Colorado at his private half pipe. Is that where you are?

  13. I am not in Oregon. I would not call this ski area a ski RESORT. It’s just above the bunny slope (but it would be fun to look for rabbits.) I am not in Colorado either.

  14. I don’t know where you are, but you had best get into the lodge by the fireplace and warm up a bit!

  15. We don’t know (we never do) but it looks furry COLD!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  16. We have never even SEEN a skiing place, so we have no idea where ya are. But we are sure that where there are Beins, there is a warm building nearby…

  17. Ummmmmmmm, we know where you aren’t!!!!
    You aren’t in the Lodge!!!!!!
    How come?? It’s warm in there 🙂 heehee
    They might have a fireplace 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  18. Are you at Stevens Pass?

  19. ‘Kaika, geographically you are the closest cat. However I am farther east than that, but you are in the correct state. This is a VERY hard one as this is not a well known ski area.

  20. We will try Big Chiwaukum because we like that name.

  21. Are you at Vail or Beaver Creek or Copper Mountain or Arapahoe Basin? We don’t know about those places but Momma has been there! Just taking some wild guesses!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  22. north pole?

  23. I dunno, but it looks like you’re having fun playing in the snow!

    Guess what, us Ballicai are back, and Momma gave us a new bloggie. Here it is:

    Ballicus Blog (new)

    Hugs and purrs from Brainball, Mao, Dorydoo, and Marilyn.

  24. I don’t know Chey, but get inside and get warm. Almost no snow left here, come and watch it rain.

  25. Loup Loup ski resort?

  26. Are you at Loup Loup?

  27. I don’t know where you are, Chey. Snow has a way of making everything look the same to me. Our snow is all gone and now it is raining and raining.

    Thanks for visiting me. I hardly ever get to blog.


  28. Nice brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information
    luv–yer frend–jh

  29. Max, it appears you beat ‘Kaika by moments…! And I’m sure Mao will love that and enjoy giving ‘Kaika a hard time!

  30. Professor Jeter! how good of you to come by! I am glad that my asking for help to keep from freezing my bum off was helpful for your college assignment. Are you teaching a course in bums? Alas, I think such comments immediately go to my spam folder (oddly enough) so there was a delay in your comment! 🙂

  31. Yes, once again I am entirely clueless. That could be practically anywhere in the northern U.S. — or Canada for that matter. Although you never seem to hide in Canada. You should come on up here some time and see us.

  32. Aiieeee! More snow!
    Ours is finally melting, we don’t want to even look at any more, even in a picture!
    Go find the shelter and sit by the fire!

  33. Anywhere near the recent Olympics?

    Thank you for all your kind wishes recently when I wasn’t feeling well, everyone’s healing purrs obviously helped to get me better.


  34. Holy crap, I was right???

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