Cheysuli O’Meezer

Well Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Here I am waiting for the camera to be returned on my GREEN towel that I love to roll on.

Maybe if I look really nice here I’ll get some Mother’s Milk.

Or maybe the Male will just disappear.   Whatever.


  1. You look very nice, Cheysuli, and I think you should get some Mother’s Milk. I am giving you the Sunshine award because you have brought sunshine into my life with your kind comments and good advice and I love reading your blog.

  2. As always, Chey, you look wonderful!…Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and Gemini!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Top ‘o the mornin to ya, Chey and Gemini!

  4. O’Meezer!? O mai goodness! ahahahaha! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Chey and Gemini!

  5. Green is such a comfy color!

  6. Happy St Patrick’s Day!

  7. Chey O’Meezer?…had no idea you were Irish Chey…was thinking you were from another part of the world!

    Hope you get some green nip today to celebrate!

  8. Green becomes you, Chey!

  9. HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!! Green beer, niptinis & Russianless Green Russians at owr plase!


  10. Google is making me crazy today too. I knew something was off because so few friends are visiting today.

  11. You look gorgeous next to any color!

  12. Top o’ the morning’ to you, Chey!

    You should check with Skeez and see if he has any mother’s milk left. Maybe not though, since he and Mao overdid it a bit, I think.

  13. That green looks great against your furs… No, that’s not right… What I mean is, your furs look great against that green! Srsly!!! :)xxx

  14. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Chey! We hope you get some milk AND the male disappears!!

  15. You look great Chey!

    And Miss Gemini you are simply magnificient!

    Happy St Patrick’s Day
    your boyfriendcat

  16. may you be blessed with an abundance of ham
    may the catnip rise up to meet you
    and may you have a happy st o’meezers day!

  17. You do look quite stunning against the dark green towel, Chey! You should sport green more often. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, sweetie!

  18. Happy Saint Catrick’s Day!
    (Good luck about the male)
    Alla Us Hotties

  19. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and Gemini.

  20. As Willow and I shared some Mother’s Milk we were hoping that you got the same! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and your family! BTW you look wonderful on green!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  21. top o’the evenin’ to ye an yer fambly! that’s a furry fetchin’ pose yer takin’ there!

  22. Happy St Paddys Day! Did yoo find yer pot o nip today?

  23. Happy St Patrick’s Day!
    If you think the Male will go, you must have already
    been into the Mother’s milk!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

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