Whisker Wednesday

Now you can see what fine whiskers I have.  They are long and white and impressive, don’t you think?  

I was distressed to find that the Woman was gone yesterday.   She has taken another job to make sure I stay in good cat food. I must commend her for such a thing although I find it irritating that she is not home to care for me all the time.  It is all the Male’s fault. If he would just save his company then he would get a raise so he could keep me in the state to which I believe I should become accustomed.  Alas.

I think I will just roll around here and entice the Woman to stay at home more.


  1. Chey, if you can figure out a way to keep the Woman home more, maybe you can send me some tips. And if you can’t send tips…send socks.

  2. Beautiful form – you should host a Catolympics Whisker event.

    Regarding the Woman going to work, I catch up on my sleep so I will be full of energy to plead for food the moment Mom walks through the door from her work. It works well – she doesn’t even take her coast off before she starts spooning fresh food into my bowl.

  3. Thosw whiskers are MAGNIFICENT! We agree ~ yoo shud host an Cat-O-Lympic event!!!

  4. You have beautiful whiskers. Maybe the Woman will buy you the finest salmon to make up for deserting you more often.

  5. We wish we could figure out a way to keep our Mom home….maybe if we all rolled around like you and showed our whiskers???

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  6. We wish we knew of a way to keep our mom home more too. Your rolling around is pretty irresistible!

  7. Awesome whiskers, Chey! I have decided, now that my Mommeh is gone getting green papers all day, that I do not like it.

  8. Outstanding whiskers!

    We agree that this “going out to work” thing is a real bore. Something must be done!

  9. It’s always the male’s fault…it’s probably his fault why our mom can’t stay home with us too!

  10. Maybe you can get the Woman to stay home to work like our Mom does, Chey. Sometimes, between naps, we even snoopervise her.

  11. Chey–LOVE your whiskers! And if you can figure how to keep the humans at home–let ME know too! Tommy has this ritual of abandoning us Monday -Friday–and I ain’t quite feeling that. Maybe if I rolled around more….

  12. Yer wiskers look furry long and silky!

  13. what great whiskers!!!

  14. Those are some impressive whiskers!!…We wish your Mom could stay home more=we know you guys miss her…xo…Calle,Halle, Sukki

  15. We are furry impurressed with those beautiful whiskers you have Chey!

  16. Wow, we love the whiskers shot!!!

  17. Alas, indeed!! Clearly, most of us deserve to be kept in a much better manner than we are. But, unless we find someone to take “our” money, Chey, our status will not change.


  18. We’re impressed, those are great whiskers, Chey!

    Moe, Mindy, Bon Bon, Cookie, & Mike

  19. I do not understand this “work thing,” but I do enjoy the one day a week that white bags full of kibbles, stinky goodness and treats appear in our house! I think the two things are intricately linked.

    P.S., love the whiskers!

  20. The male has to save the company?

  21. Hi Chey, this my first time to visits you. You has a very nice place and pawsome whiskers! Thanks fur having us!
    TK & Squashies

  22. Chey, I know just how you feel! Mom hasn’t helped me blog in almost a year because of her jobbie, and she also now has two! What are we going to do????

    It goes without saying those are lovely whiskers….

  23. Nice whiskers.
    Sadly, humans do have to leave the house now and then – sometimes quite a bit.

  24. Oh, no, she isn’t staying home to take care of you. That’s terrible. Can she hire a servant to wait on you while she’s gone?

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