Thankful Thursday

We do not often get real close. As you can see there might be a bit of tension here but my tail is high.  Gemini does not trust me. It could not be because I randomly leap on her for not reason or bite at her furs.  She leaps at me!

I think perhaps she is upset that I am in the sun and she is not.  Well, if she didn’t have such big fat floof she could be in the sun too.

I would love to have a cat to cuddle with. I was a cuddler at my first home with the other cats. I was happier to meet Gemini than I was to meet the Woman.  She is the one who won’t cuddle.  She is the standoffish one. Look at how she is looking at me!

Still, I am thankful that I am not an only cat!


  1. Gemini does look a little aggressive there. I wish she would calm down and cuddle with you. That would be great for both of you.

  2. Sibling squabling is normal (we do it all da time) But we would NEVER want to be wiv owt each other ~ so it is good to be thankful for having a sibling.

  3. We hardly ever cuddle with one another. Mom wishes we would though.

  4. There has not been a lot of snuggling here with that new kitten, Gracie. But we are all sleeping on the bed, just kind of spread out. Mom keeps complaining there is no room for her feets. Sheesh.

  5. Chey, cuddling is so good and we both like to do it every night. You are welcome to teleport over to us for a good cuddle any time you want.

  6. It’s okay, Chey…Zoey is like Gemini…she doesn’t trust Ernie or me much…we’ll cuddle with you if you want…

    Wally & Ernie

  7. I wish my sibs and I would cuddle, but it’s not in the cards!

  8. We don’t usually cuddle either. Mom is amazed that we started when the weather got so cold.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. We’re sending Nicky to you……………

  10. Only some of us cuddle. Us little girls like to pile up (me, Ellie and Bennette), but we won’t cuddle with Ginger at all. Maybe Ginger and Gemini and Zoey could start a “Tabby’s Against Cuddling Other Cats Club”….hmmmm

  11. Would you like to come over and cuddle with me?


  12. I agree with you. I’m thankful to have 4 sisters!!!

  13. Yeah, you could get a snuggle bunny cat Chey 😉
    Mickey is not cuddly as he spent too many years as an
    only cat. Even we girls are not too cuddly with each other,heehee

    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  14. I has da same problem wif Nina. We can touch, barely, but she don’t trust me! I fink it’s da noms. I can’t help it dat she tastes sooooo good! We dominant felines has to nom da ones we dominate. Is a rool.

  15. We are shocked to find there is Chey clone. We followed your link on the CB and met Minkey (?). We didn’t think it possible. Are you 2 planning to take over the world the next election?

  16. Chey, I think Gemini is still maybe a little jealous of you…I think deep down, she does like patient! I think you look like a great cuddler–Gemini doesn’t know what she’s missing…!

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