Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for the sun near my bed.  I am also thankful that the Woman is back home mostly.   She still goes out to work.  I hate that but I guess it buys me cat food as the Male thinks I should eat cheaper food! HUMPH.

I am thankful that the moving around the house is mostly done.  They still have some decorating to do but it’s better than it was.  I can’t wait to have my portrait up on the wall… Um… who said that’s not happening?  What do you mean there are no portraits of me?

We interrupt this Thankful Thursday until I get this little incident straightened out…


  1. We love sunbeams too…and hate it when Mommy goes to work…and we kind of look like you…we have lots in common!!…purrs…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. My pictures are on the changing picture frame, I don’t think that is the same as this portrait on the wall that you speak of. I need to have a talk with my Mum too..
    See later, William
    I hope your talks are successful.

  3. Yeah, what’s up with people not putting our portraits on the wall? Their lives would be meaningless without us, you think they’d be HONORED!

  4. Sounds everything gonna be doing fine~
    And I will be very thankful if the sun comes to my bed as well~! That is extremely important!

  5. Hmm, portraits on the wall……. maybe they should be REAL oil paintings! Nothing’s too good, right?

  6. If they want the perfect house, there should be a big portrait of you!

  7. They shud put a pic of yoo on the wall ~ afta all yoo are in charge!

  8. Your picture should adorn every wall, Chey!!

  9. No portraits of you? That’s just not right!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. Lots of things to be thankful there!
    Oh, wait a minute, that makes us realize meowmy doesn’t have any pictures of us on the wall either!
    OMG! What is up with these humans lately??

  11. uh, was your house redecorated entirely in meezer colors?

  12. Of course there’s a portrait of you, Chey. Did the male hide it in the attic? He needs to get it immediately. Your loyal public wants to see your portrait hanging on your wall.

  13. No portrait? That’s UNACCEPATBLE!

  14. Now you mention it Chey, there is no portrait of us on the wall either. Hmm, this needs to be sorted out right now.

  15. Chey, if there is not one already, the Woman must commission an official portrait of you to be prominently displayed in the home at all times. It’s only right.

  16. Sunbeams are great but we agree that there must be a place somewhere for your portrait. Don’t let them rest ’til they meed your demands … ummm, requests! *purrs*

  17. Sunbeams are essential as is constant adoration and a stream of gourmet delights to tempt your jaded appetite. If the male doesn’t cooperate, find a new one who will!

  18. Hmmmm. There is a “portrait” of me in the kitchen, only it isn’t me. It kind of looks like me, but it’s not me. I know the difference. Don’t take this sitting down Chey…fight for your rights!

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