Tabby Tuesday

It has been a long week. Momma was very stressed out about working some place new but she already said no because the person didn’t know what they wanted and she doesn’t want to put up with that.

She did like meeting kitties.  I had to smell her all up because she smelled like two handsome mancats at Purrfect Pals.   She is going to visit all the kitties at their Petco room where they do adoptions on Friday mornings.  She will just clean the kennels and socialize.  She HAS to socialize for two hours.  I wish someone would make her socialize with me for two hours straight!

I will dream up a way to make that happen.   Soon.


  1. What is it about our moms not giving us enough time and attention lately?

  2. Very sweet picture…Your Mom always comes home to you, Chey, so don’t be jealous!!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Oh dear, Au complains about the same thing when I pet the strays.

  4. Poor Gemini. Perhaps there will be a Take Your Gorgeous Cat to Work Day?

    Since Mom works from home now she can spend lots of time with us, but because there is now 2 more of us, we have to share. We do not DO share very well.

  5. It’s harding sharing, isn’t it? But yoo look gorjuss so we don’t think yoor mom will able to resist yoo.

  6. Oh Gemini! She should spend waaay more time socializing with you!!

  7. you need to stand on her lap and holler in her face!

  8. Gemini, I just remember when I was in foster care with my momma and how grateful we were for that kind person who cared for us. It’s ok to share your mom with those sweet babies who don’t have a mom to call their own.

  9. We understand! Our mom’s either gone hunting all day for ten hours x 5 days a week, at home trying to keep up with the blogging, or asleep! We think we all need to rise up and show our displeasure at this lack of attention. We come first, after all!

  10. Cory is right ya know, every critter needs some loving!

  11. Our mom is looking for a job so maybe she can apply for the open position at your house for socializer. She would even do it for nothing…nadda…zilch. She comes with lots of experience.

  12. Gemini, your human mom has taken on a very worthy job! Those Purrfect Pals cats are going to be as well-loved as they can be.

    Now, if you could show her this post, we are sure she will also find the time to love on you the way you desire.

  13. The kitties at Purrfect Pals are lucky to get to spend time with your mom!

  14. Well, just think that Mom is helping other kitties you need it, and you already have a lovely forever home and a mommy and daddy who love you. It doesn’t hurt to spread the love around.

    I’m sure you get lots of time with your mommy. What about at night when she’s sleeping — can’t you curl up with her then?

  15. That’s nice that your mom is helping other cats. But she still needs to socialize with you too! I’m sure that she can’t resist your gorgeous tabbiness!

    Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  16. We agree that our people should spend al of their time with us, and we mean ALL!

  17. That is so great she gives her time to cheer up and pet the homeless kitties.

  18. Yoo know we thought that it is wrong if the mom spent time away fer a few hours and then we realized we had the rest of da day to bug, er socialize wif her.

  19. Do what I do when mum isn’t paying me enough attention. Climb on her shoulder and stick your butt in her face. That is sure to get her attention.

  20. Miss Gemini
    I will socialize with you for 2 hours or 4 hours of 8 hours or however long you would like…

    your boyfriendcat

  21. Don’t be jealous your mum loves you. Those kitties need some loving too until they find their furever home.

  22. I would love two hours of play time!

  23. I hope you have better quality staying with your mommy~~~
    She loves you very very much I know!

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