Tabby Tuesday

It was a very sunny day when Momma took this photo.  I was cooperative and not lying with the sun shining such that she could only photograph me into the sun either.   And look!  I looked at her too!  It is only because Cheysuli wanted her photo taken as well!

Momma is getting busier.  She is going to volunteer at a shelter for cats that has space in a local Petco not too far from here.   She will be cleaning up kennels and then talking to people about cats too.   And she said she would volunteer for data entry and doing special stuff as well, like when they have cat shows and show off the regular cats.

She is starting to do billing for another acupuncturist too.   That is temporary.  She hopes that her business will pick up but it has been very slow this winter.  She was happy that she sold more of her acupuncture cards.  She is working on some more designs too.  She is thinking she will have some that feature me and Cheysuli getting acupuncture.  I told her I do not wish to be poked. She said that maybe those cards will use Photoshop Elements.  

This is her store and she has the new prints up towards the front.  I can’t wait until I am featured. I think I will be a best seller. Don’t you?


  1. That is a lovely sunny photo, Gemini. Thanks for looking at the camera too!

  2. That’s a beutiful photo. Good luck to your mom ~ it’s wonderful about Petcco.

  3. I’ll bet your mom will love volunteering! My Mommeh sure does miss it.

  4. Gemini, you look so pretty today!! And we wish your mom wellin her volunteering and with her new store!

  5. Gemini, you are sure to be a bestseller! We all think it’s cool that your mom will be volunteering to help the kitties. One day mom hopes to be able to do that too.

  6. Your mom has a neat store with lots of things there. I didn’t know that she had one. That is a lot of work!
    Great that you cooperated so your mom could get your photo, I bet you just didn’t want to move out of the nice warm sunshine. I haven’t seen the sun all the day yesterday but it was here on Sunday.
    Hats off to your mom for the volunteer work, my mom couldn’t be around any kittie as she would want to bring all of them home with her.

  7. What a gorgeous picture of you Gemini! We think your mom should use this one for her store. We are hoping her business picks up.

  8. The sunshine looks great on you!

  9. Of course you will be a big hit, Gemini! You’re such a pretty girl. And Chey, too, of course! You both have such star quality. It’s great you’re mom will be able to promote you more in her new line of work.

  10. Yes indeed, that is a stunning sunny photo!!!

  11. *gulp!*
    you are sooooo pritty Gemini

    bonks ladies

  12. That is a lovely sunny photo of you. We are looking into your eyes. We wish your mum good luck with her volunteering and with her store.

  13. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


    Miss Gemini you are fabulous!
    There is nothing better than giving back to the kitties!
    We are sure your Mom will love the volunteer work.

    your boyfriendcat

  14. Great Photo. You are very beautiful.

  15. Yup, you’re going to be a gorgeous poster cat! Chey is going to spit with envy…

  16. What a lovely photo of you Gemini! You look beautiful. It is so good of yer mom to volunteer to help the kitties at the shelter, it will be appreciated. We think you will be a hit featured on the new prints.

    Mindy, Moe, Bon Bon, Cookie & Mike

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