Tabby Tuesday

I have to wash myself very quickly. That is why my head is all blurry in this photo.   I have so many furs to wash (as you can see) that if I did not wash quickly I would never be done.

Momma has felt badly because I have had some fur balls so she is brushing me more with my furminator. I am very happy about that.  I love to be brushed.   So long as I do not have to go to the nasty vet. 

I have been chasing Cheysuli all over the house.  Sometimes she hisses at me when I get wild. Well I am the younger cat so I can get wild right?  And she sits on my dad’s chair and calls it hers!  I think it is just because it is next to Momma’s chair that she likes it. She knows that my dad is not the sort (like Momma) to look at her and then let her sit…


  1. Oh man I hate to be brushed. It’s a good thing I don’t have long furs. There would be a lot of screaming and whining in this house if I did, and the People never sound good when they’re screaming and whining…

  2. I love to be brushed, too. I haven’t had a hairball yet at my new home and I hope that maybe my daily brushing will help me not to have any. Do you purr while you are being brushed? I do.


  3. Oh Gemini, Harley likes to chase me all over and I hiss at him, too! I do not enjoy the chasing.

  4. Whitey can not even REACH all of mai furs, Gemini!

  5. So Chey likes the man’s chair! Very interesting!

    I don’t like to be brushed so much…I squirm.

  6. Well, I think you are a good example for all the tabbies out there, Gemini! Purrsonal hygiene is a top priority.

    And also, I applaud you for chasing Chey around because you’re helping her get her exercise whether she likes it or not!

  7. great job grooming Gemini! I’m sorry you don’t get to enjoy self grooming by taking your time. it is nice you like the Furminator. Mommy wishes I did, but I hate getting brushed. I say whatever chair the kitty wants to be in at the time is the their chair. It doesn’t matter what bean wants to be in it.

  8. All dat fur must be a lotta werk, Gemini. Good fur yoo.

  9. Oh, yes, it’s a full time job keeping our long furs clean.

  10. Look at all your furrs! How nice is that? I LOVED being brushed–I purr pretty loud. And yes, you are the younger kitty–so you can get wild–and have FUN!–and I think Cheysuli really likes it too!

  11. Oh yes, that is lots of fur. I am sure you need much time to get it cleaned. Good that someone helps you with it.

  12. We got a Furminator in Fiona’s latest auction and can’t wait to receive it! I love to be brushed! For now, #1 just uses a ZoomGroom.


  13. Mommy says we run up and down the stairs like horses=what do you think she means by that??…Calle is the primary chaser in our house, she thinks she’s the alpha cat, whatever that means…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  14. Miko – I don’t like being brushed. Bus since I’m the long haired cat here, I get brushed the most.

  15. I love being brushed too, Gemini! It must be a longhaired girlcat thing….

  16. Oops…that was me, Zoey, that said that!

  17. I don’t get fur balls, what is it like?

  18. I love the furminator too. Mum says I melt into a big soppy puddle when I get furminated. I rarely get furballs now, but I used to get them all the time before we got it.

  19. I like to be brushed ~ and Milo likes to be brushed IF he’s in the mood! Which is why he sumtimes hasta heave up hairballs! Sum cats NEVER learn!!

    Alfie xx

  20. Dat furminator is aposed to werk real good. I finks I need dat for mine static lectricity furs. Duz dat werk good on yur furs to keep da static down?

  21. Just a wild and crazy lady cat.

  22. We get combed sometimes (to check for fleas). We hate it. We never have anny. But he keeps checking…

  23. I don’t think my Daddy likes to brush HIS fur….

    Today he went to one of those Human Groomers he calls a “Barber”, and paid $7 to get his head completely shaved smooth!

    He does this every 3 months or so, can you believe it? ;-D

  24. I LUF bein brushed, but Mom HAS to let me eat sum of the furs she steals. My zoom groom is da bestest – efun Nina is learnin to like it! I purr an murmur at Mom, an Nina purrs and goes flat onto da floor! We play chase lots, too. Mostly hide-an-pounce. Sumtimes, Nina comes at me so fast, I jump strait up in da air! Don’t know why Mom laffs at dat.

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