Tabby Tuesday

Momma I do not want my photo taken just now.  My eyes may have a little goop in them because I have not washed my face yet. Can’t you wait?  All my friends will be disappointed if they do not see me looking perfect.

I will not look at the camera if you insist! No! I will not.   Not until I have washed my face.

Momma just does not understand that I cannot have my photo taken if I do not look my best.  Still, I am glad she is back.  My dad is okay but he is not Momma and I did not make biscuits on him this weekend, but I did sit on him. I know that sometimes he gets lonesome too.


  1. Oh Gemini!! I understand exactly!! We must always look our best for the camera!!
    Your TX furiends,

  2. You always look pretty. And you’re a lot kinder to the poor male than Chey!

  3. We think you look quite stunning from that angle, Gemini!

  4. Your Momma managed to get a very nice profile shot of you anyway, Gemini. Now go and clean your eye goop and she can take a whole lot more pretty pictures of you.

  5. Maybe we should take that photo business a bit more serious too. Glad your mom is back! It’s just not as good when they’re away.

  6. I agree, eye boogers must be wahed off before a photo is taken!

  7. Parents just don’t understand, we always want to look our best in our photos!

  8. those moms. they don’t know anything!

  9. We don’t allow eye boogers in photo’s either…but sometimes mom just starts taking a bunch of pictures and theysneak in there.

  10. We understand Gemini. Would your momma like her photo taken with goop in her eyes? No, we thought not.

  11. Gemini, I sometimes clean my kitties eyes for them before I take a picture. Otherwise, I’m touching up the photo later before I post it. It was nice of you to sit on your Dad while Mom was away. I’m glad you’re happy now that she is back.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  12. Next time she tries to take your picture when you aren’t ready, get up and show her your butt. That usually works…

  13. Well of course a girl always wants to look her best for the camera!

  14. Ms. Gemini, you look beautiful from any angle, goopy or goopless … just sayin’. Very good of you be so considerate of the Male in your Momma’s absence.

  15. I don’t blame you, Gemini. Efurry girl needs time to make herself presentable before a photoshoot. Oh well, maybe next time we can see your purrty face.

    It was nice of you to kittysit your Daddy even if you didn’t make biscuits out of him.

  16. Gemini, we don’t think you could ever look bad…even with goop in your eyes.

  17. Appearance always count.

    Hope you guys get some sun. Sun is important when washing your face. Clouds can be very bothersome.

    Stay warm by the fire.

  18. They don’t understand. They never listen when we don’t want our pictures taken.

  19. Beans just think they can take our pictures anytime. Glad you put your paw down that you were not ready.

  20. This is a nice angle of you too. It’s terrible when the mom goes away. My SS is off to the country for work next week. I hate that.

  21. You were very polite to your mom. That is really good of you, very diplomatic


  22. I can’t stand it if Whimpurr takes my picture and I have eye goop or worse yet, a dirty nose!!!

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