Meezer Monday Apology

Oh dear.  On Saturday when the Woman was helping me with the Sunday Guest Star post she was looking for a cute photo of Cory. She saw one and then she thought she saw a full body one.  She thought it was Cory because of what was written below it, but if you look closely at Sunday’s photo there is a pink mouse and it is really Nigel. She is terribly embarrassed to think that she confused them. She was surprised to think that that was what Cory looked like–the shape just didn’t seem quite right or the furs but she couldn’t put her finger on it.   Now we know.  And I am SHAMED.  SHAMED I TELL YOU!

How can my friends ever forgive me for approving such sloppy work on the part of my human.  I shall have to eat myself into a stupor and crawl into a hole and digest.   And then I shall have to do it over and over and over again until I am forgiven.  And I shall have to push the Woman to send Cory a sock in apology. I hope that she will not give up on me as a friend just because the Woman is stupid.

Can anyone not forgive this face?


  1. Well, that is pretty funny that the Woman picked a picture of the wrong cat by mistake. Maybe Nigel actually whispered the answer to Cory? I can understand why you feel she has shamed you – I hope you get lots of ham to console you and that Cory will forgive you – I think that cute face is very forgivable, and after all, it is the Woman who goofed, not you.

  2. Oh dear, the shame of it. I hope the ham helps!

  3. Oh dear, is Cory offended? Yoo might need to send a whole bunch of socks!

  4. Our mom makes lotsa mistakes, so we can understand. We’re sure Cory and Nigel can forgive you too!

  5. we didn’t notice but your face made us forget and forgive….. 🙂

  6. Oh Chey…we’ve said it before…you just can’t get good help these days. We know Cory will forgive you…but maybe not the Woman…

  7. Cory is a very sweet kitty, and I am sure she is not the type to hold a grudge! Besides, your beautiful face is impossible to stay mad at.

  8. Oh Chey, efurryone make a mistake. and really who could not forgive you and your cute meezer face!

  9. Pawsonally Id pee on sumfin dat belongs to her. ~ Molly

    We can’t blame yoo fer yer beans mistakes and ‘sides snoopervisin if furry hard!

    Shadow and Trooder

  10. Can I help it if Nigel wants to be me? I mean he gets all goofy staring at my momma Ellie…then she gives me a thourough tongue bath, then we fall asleep together…he sighs because she won’t bathe him…she won’t curl up and sleep with him. She loves me. He loves her. Quite the drama really.

    Oh yeah…that face Chey? I could even forgive you stealing a sock…maybe. Mom got a good laugh out of it!

    I think it’s time for another post on the differences between me and Nigel!

  11. Hi Chey!! I know I am late with my Valentine’s wishes, but I thought of you all day long yesterday. I miss your beautiful blue eyes and lithe body!

  12. Cory is a very sweet cat and I am sure she just laughed it off. But I do think you and Cory deserve some ham . I tell it as I see it.

  13. Well, we can’t not forgive that face. But the Woman isn’t stupid. At least she remembers to feed you. Unlike someone we know recently.

  14. What can we say? They are human afterall!

  15. To err is human and to err is human!

  16. Well, it’s not your fault, Chey, so you don’t have to feel ashamed! It just shows you that humans are not as discerning as cats.

  17. Of course Cory will forgive you. She knows it is not you at fault but your Human. You don’t suppose the Male swapped the photos just to embarrass you do you?

  18. we are not to blame for what the pet humans do…. tis unfortunate but i am sure you can guilt her into giving you more ham because of her mistakes……xoxoxo

  19. Sad that you have to apologize for the Woman :/
    Kitties ,on the other hand are not ones to hold grudges and
    will laugh about it over a few niptinis!!!!! heehee
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  20. How could Corey NOT forgive you??? yer kinda cute, you know…

  21. OH Chey do not let your Mom feel bad. Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell pictures of Abby and Boo apart…and I’m their brother!

    (Of course in person it’s easy peasy to tell them apart, Boo is tall and slim and has a tail, and Abby is petite and round and is missing her tail and a few marbles too if you ask me!)

    HElllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooOOOOOO Miss Gemini!

    your boyfriendcat

  22. Humans, what can we can we expect.

  23. You have nothing to be embarassed about, Chey. After all, this was not your doing and you can’t help it if your human is stupid!

  24. Another cat who has taken over his purrson’s blog… and who is on Twitter, and Tweets (like me).

    Ahhhh… we meezers are SO smart.

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