Meezer Monday


That’s what I have to say. The Male wants to change my name to something like Crestor or Astra Zeneka.  The Woman keeps telling him that Flomax (another choice) is a highly inauspiscious name for a cat and he shouldn’t suggest that.  I can’t believe he would consider that of ME!

Then I go to look at my stats and what do I see?  “Nice male bum”.  Really? Where.  Certianly not in our house.  Then I see, “Miffed Siamese.”  As if.  Then I see, “Anyone know who is taping Oprah on March 3, 2010.”  No. No one here knows that.  I think you are way off track.  Finally, “Gas Leak on Plane February 2010.”  Stop saying I had something to do with that!!!


  1. That Male has a point, Chey. With your fame, you could make a fortune by adopting a trademark name and being a living trademark. Gas and hemorrhoids aside, how would you feel about “Prosciutto” or “Jamón Serrano”? You’d get international travel too!

  2. MOL at the gas leak on a plane. On the other paw, we think Prosciutto or Serrano would be nommy…um we mean great!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. Could we call you “Flo” for short?

  4. We could just call you your highness!

  5. MOL!!! You’ve got us laffin and laffin!!

  6. HaHaHaHaHa!

  7. Chey, you have so much to put up with. We don’t know how you cope.

  8. Now why would the male want to change your name?? We love Chey!

  9. People sure do search for funny things on the internet!

  10. I agree with the Florida Furkids…if the male is going to suggest a new name, Proscuitto is the only option.

  11. Prosciutto is a great name. Capicola is also a good name – and if your male pronounces it the “correct” south Philly way you can be called “gabba-goul”. – Sammy

  12. How about Evoo? You know, that person on the Food Network that says you’re supposed to use “Evoo”…? It just sounds kinda cool.

  13. Chey
    don’t feel too bad the Dad who lives her wants to send Abby off to Siberia…it must be far away cuz he doesn’t get along with her. But Abby has the trump card– Momma.

    Hellooooooooooooo Miss Gemini

    your boyfriendcat

  14. Chey, you are really picked on, accused of everything not categorized. What’s with the name change? Is the FBI after you for something again and you need to be incognito?

  15. I think I’ve seen Flomax in the bathroom here. Not a great kitty name unless the kitty needs help peeing, I think…

  16. ha ha ha snort you’re so funny Chey. I can’t believe youre male wants to change your awesome name. Perhaps you could adopt a “middle name” that will earn you some money to buy treats and stuff. Another thought, I think you would have sponsors lined up to pay you money to wear their logos.

  17. Silly searches! I fink Google is attracted to you, Chey. Mom’s MOST viewed pictor of all time on Flickr is a really bad shot of two Northern Flickers that she titled, “Flickers for Flickrs” cuz she sawed them while on a photowalk wif ofur Flickr users. 4000 views, all-time most viewed. An it’s C.R.A.P.! But the title catches search engines.

    That or it’s all us bloggin cats lookin fur bird pictors.

  18. So!!!!!!
    What do you propose to call the Male? heh,heh,heh
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

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