Find Chey Friday

As you know, the Woman has goofed twice in the last two Find Chey Fridays.  She set up the wrong photo and then she forgot to add that Cory found me in Washington (not exact but she should have been mentioned).  Well this one is for her!  I KNOW she’ll get it but I’m wondering if anyone of you can?

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  1. We are not sure where him is, he sure is cute snoozing away. But we guesses that is Mt. Hood in the background, so him would be in Portland OR?
    Thanks for dropping by our place!
    TK and Squashies

  2. Is it Mt. Hood in the distance in the Cascade Range?

  3. Dunno! We always dunno. :sigh:

  4. Well, you are in a car with a mountain in the background, but I don’t know which one it is.

  5. We are updating our guess. You are on the I-84 heading towards Portland Oregon with Mt. Hood in the distance.

  6. I see Mt. Hood!

  7. Looks like we have a winner already! For a change, we would have been able to guess it too after seeing the Oregon license plate.

  8. So if it IS Mt Hood, then there is already a winner. So instead I will take a stab at the fact that it is Mt Ranier in Washington State. Mom says when they drove there from Seattle it looked quite a bit like that in the distance. They didn’t go to Mt Hood for comparison.

  9. I actually knew this one because my mom went there. I’m going to be more specific. You are riding comfortably on the dashboard of the car in Portland, Oregon with a view of Mt. Hood in the distance. Mom says it is awesome to fly past Mt. Hood in a plane because the mountain is as tall as the plane is high!

  10. You’re driving in a car someplace…and there are mountains in the background. That’s about as good as we can get….

  11. You are in your car following that Toyota ahead of you to the dealer to have it’s gas pedal fixed.

  12. I am late, but that is definitely Mt. Hood…but the real answer is that you are on the dashboard of your mom’s friend’s car on your way to Mt. Hood…are you in Hood River? At least you are not on the hood of the car!

  13. Pee Ess…it’s 1-84 too and you must be on the way back from Mt. Hood because it’s on your left….

    Or maybe I’m just overthinking this…I’m going to go see if I can score some breakfast cheese.

  14. I think you are headed where ever you please!

  15. Oh I LOVE the comment about the gas pedal from Laila and Minchie! I forget what type of new car the Woman got – was it a Prius?

  16. It is Mount Hood! However, I am not on I-84. I haven’t gotten that far yet (this should give Cory an idea of where I am).

    I am not in the Woman’s car (she got a Scion XA and they are not involved in the recall–though they are not reportedly as good as her Honda) but in her office mate’s and she has a Subaru Legacy Wagon with heated seats…

  17. Are you on 1-205 heading south…near the bridge?

  18. You had it right until you said NEAR… :)!

  19. I do not know *sigh* but you are in a car, and the one in front of you has Oregon lic. plates.
    I like that mountain.

    night night Chey


  20. Are you actually on the Glen Jackson Bridge!!!!?

  21. I didn’t know what mountain that was but I like to look at it! I’m glad that there are heated seats in the car for you. I know that I would love to curl up in a heated seat, indeed!

    Purrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  22. Yep–Cory I am on the Glen Jackson Bridge!

  23. purrrrrr….

  24. Gee….we could take a wild guess and say Oregon near Mt Hood….just a guess….not that we read all the other answers or anything…..

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  25. We dunno where you are, but it sure looks purrty, and so do you!

  26. Cory did it again!
    concats to Cory!!

    Hellllllllllllllllllllooooo gorgeous Miss Gemini!
    your boyfriendcat

  27. OK, so we know where you are, but I wanna know what you did to get the Mardi Gras beads hanging from the top of the picture…

  28. Whitey iz feeling exspeshully lucky to have such a smart kitty as mai Ladycat Love! Purrssss to Cory!

  29. We’re glad someone found you. If you had to depend on us, you’d never get home. We’re always lost with you.

  30. You’re napping on the dashboard of your Mommy’s car going to the mountains=Mom has no clue what mountains!! (She never knows where you are, Chey!!)…Hope someone finds you!!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  31. Cory seems to have won again! That Cory is a geographic wonder of the world, herself! I guess that makes Eight Wonders of the World, now.

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