Find Chey Friday

Wll, will you look at this?  No water!  At all!   Although I bet this will be hard to find me. I have taken advice and stayed out of the street.  I found my own parking spot!

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  1. I have no idea where you are Chey, but I think there’s good food nearby! Hope the service is good! It does look like the Northwest, so I’ll take a broad guess and say somewhere in the state of Washington.

  2. Well Cory, so far you would be correct on both counts… :)!

  3. Ooh, you are in a “No Chey Parking Zone! Ya better get out of there fast or you will get a ticket (And it won’t be ta the Fancy Cat Show).

  4. Since I know next to nothing about the state of Washington, I am going to have to pass on this one, as usual.

  5. Dunno. But it’s NOT a good idea to lay down in the road! Ger yerself on the sidewalk at once, in case yoo get runned over. OK?

  6. Looks like you found a good spot too!

  7. We don’t know anything about Washington either so we haven’t got a clue. We can see there is no snow on the mountains though 🙁

  8. It reminded me of Sgaway in Alaska, but I see you have already told Cory it is in Washington state. I don’t know Washington state well enough. Is it a town near skiing? I see mountains in the background.Was it close to where the Woman went to ski? But not too close?

  9. Sorry, I meant Skagway, not Saway.

  10. Good job parallel parking, Chey! I do not know where you are, but it looks like a very quaint town!

  11. No idea Chey, but it sure looks like a picturesque town with those mountains in the background! Have a wonderful weekend!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  12. um it looks like you’re in some old mining town maybe. let us know if they have fish fry at that restaurant and we will come there

  13. Well this is a hard one… I am within an hour of my home. There are trains with the name of the town behind me (hence the photo of the trains was not used…)

  14. Snoqualmie , WA ? Looks like a good Mexican restaurant across the street.

  15. I sees a WA license plate an sum cute little stores. One wif books an one wif Spanish werds? Since I don’t haf any real idea, I’ll guess Yakima, WA.

  16. Laila and Minchie! I thought I would come by and tell you but you didn’t need me to do that! How did you guess?! I do not know if the Mexican food is any good there. The Woman hasn’t been (usually she is in North Bend and they have a place without very good food but very friendly people).

  17. OH TRAINS?!?! Burlington, WA. ::spin::
    We has a big train show dis weekend in Madison dat will be stealin my beans away ALL WEEKEND. So I’s happy to bisit you. Can Nina come, too?
    Nosetaps an Purrs, Victor

  18. Well, that certainly was a total mystery to us over here far far away….

    Chey, you have an open invitation to come and cuddle with the kits but be warned! You must get your timing right. If they’re in the mood for playing, beware anyone or anything that’s in their way!

  19. Well, you’re somewhere where there’s mountains ‘cuz we can see them in the background. Other than that, we don’t have a clue. But we really think laying in the road is not a good place to be, Chey…why not try the sidewalk by those buildings???

  20. The only quaint shopping area in the mountains that Mom has ever seen was in Estes Park, CO. It’s probably wring, but there you have it!

  21. Well, I am bonkie happy to see that you are not in the middle of the street
    I see mountains in that back, and this looks like a western kind of town.
    Did you buy a book at the book store?

  22. Well, truthfully, we cheated. Mom put the picture in her Creative Memories Memory Manager software, and kept tweaking the picture until she could read the name of the restaurant. Then she kept googling the name and found it. It took awhile. It was a very good exercise for her brain to help keep it sharp while she’s being a slug these days. She’s totally wiped out and needs a long nap now. teeheehee!

  23. Not even a clue dear Chey! Sorry…Safeco field? What? On your way there? Must have started out in Toppenish…

  24. I see green and red to the left – it can only mean ITALIAN FOOD! Do not get overly excited now, be careful crossing the street! Order me a lasagna, I’ll be right over!

  25. So, wait, it’s Snoqualamie, not Burlington? Who efur herd of trains wif such a long, unprononsibul name on dems? Jeez, we reelly thot we had it.

  26. From where you’re laying, I’m guessing you’re lounging outside the Road Kill Cafe…

  27. Our Mom biggified the picture and tried really hard, but we still don’t have any idea where you are. We think you should get out of the road though!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  28. Where are you Chey?
    We have no idea…

    Hellllllllllllllllllllloooooo Miss Gemini

    your boyfriendcat

  29. We don’t know where you are but that looks like a diner in the background. Does that mean roast chicken???

  30. I don’t know where it is,
    but look after for yourslef,
    because road is somehow dangerous!

  31. We cheated and read the answers, so we know it’s Snowqualmie (our dad is from Seattle, so he knows the town.) But before we looked, our mom said she thought it was it’s out west because of those angled parking spots and the false fronts. It makes her want to go west.

    P.S. We agree about the cleaning – vacuum cleaners should be illegal!

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