Find Chey Friday

Once more I find myself somewhere in time.  I don’t know the exact time or place (but we will only worry about place this time).  Can anyone find me?!

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  1. Minsk!
    I have no idea where it is really, I just like saying Minsk!

  2. Not a single clue! Those cars look old.

  3. That is quite a building! Sadly, we have n idea where it is.

  4. Dunno

  5. We even asked Dad and he said “Dunno” as well!

  6. We have no idea. Maybe somewhere like Czechoslovakia?

  7. All we know is that you’re back in time, Chey! How’d you do that???

  8. We have our usual answer…not a clue!! It looks cold and skeery though.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. I can not be for sure, but I think that was before I was borned. I will guess it is in front of the castle of your royal family in Siam. But I am pretty sure that is wrong.

  10. Chey, the next time you go time traveling, pick someplace nice…like Hawaii!

    I’m just taking a wild guess based on something I read on a Meezer bloggie…are you in St. Louis? Mom has actually been there a couple of times but doesn’t remember seeing this building.

  11. you’re at our new house! awesome! we’ll be right down to let you in.

  12. Is that the Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory?

  13. Yes, Cory is on the right track! But what building is it?!

  14. Chey
    Where you are it look cold!

    Hellllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooo Miss Gemini!

    your boyfriendcat

  15. Chey!!! Watch out for those cars!!! Cars are no good for kitties no matter where or what time period!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  16. Mum is agreeing St Louis. She wants to say it is the train station. Now it is a museum.

  17. There is a name of that station Derby (and it is Derby right, not Dreby? Are your Mum’s fingers cold?) and any cat who can make a guess! What do you think it is?!

  18. Is it Union Station?

  19. “Kaika I should have known you’d get it!

  20. It is Union Station!

  21. Ok, now mom is embarrassed…she was actuallyl there….

  22. OH I know where you are!
    In the middle of the street.
    Get out of the middle of the street Chey

    I do not know where this is, but it looks familiar.
    stay warm. Where are your mittens? and your hat and skarfff?

    bonkbonkb to you and your sisser girl

  23. Wow. We have been to St Louis often, and yet Mom and I were googling all sorts of faraway countries for pictures of town halls, and post offices and everything. We thought it must be an Iron Curtain country!!!


  24. Where are you Chey? Hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  25. Maybe you could tell me?!

  26. hmmmm kind of reminds me of notre dame in paris.. but i do not remember the hills in the background
    i give up!

  27. Onion Station, whoops, we mean Union Station! It is a beautiful place to visit, at least that is what Momma and Daddy say! With stores, restaurants and a Fudge place too!

  28. Yeah, having fat paw syndrome, can’t type my own name!!!!!!

  29. Leeve it to that Smartypants ‘Kaika to get it.

  30. I figured it out from Cory’s guess. Way to go, Cory!

  31. There is also a spaghetti restaurant there, Mom says. Cory, do you think there is a cheese shop?

  32. OMC, of all the times not to check in with you on Friday! Clearly you are at Union Station in St. Louis, which of course is where China Cat & I live! Hooray for the ones who guessed it right!

    Purrrrrrrs, Willow

  33. sumwhere in tha snow. stay warm and keep ur toes dry.

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