Find Chey Friday

Well, at least there’s no water here…  Umm… You over there–could you shovel a bit more. I ‘d hate for my behind to get cold…

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  1. You are in…in…in…the Bavarian Tunnel of Schnitzel and Luv! But mostly Schnitzel…

  2. I don’t know where you are, but it looks COLD!

  3. Is it the place where the Woman went skiing?

  4. uuuummmmmmmmmm –
    Gah – I don’t know!!!

  5. Yeah, we thought it was probably where the Woman just came back from,
    BUT WE DON’T KNOW WHERE SHE WENT!!!! Did you ever tell us where she was going? We looked back but can’t find any clues 🙁

  6. Are you somewhere in Colorado trying to ski?

  7. Yep, it’s where the Woman went skiing…but we don’t know where that was either!! She never told us!

  8. Not sure where it is, but we’re afraid that’s what our area will look like after the snowstorm that begins this afternoon…

  9. Ha! Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood Oregon!

    Did you see Jack Nicholson?

  10. BRRRRRRRR!!!!!! We don’t know where you are (as usual) but we don’t want to be there!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. Good for you, Cory! Is that the fastest somebody has ever guessed right?

  12. Oh, and Chey, there is LOTS of water there – just the frozen kind! Does that tunnelly thing go to the main entrance to the lodge and get piled up with snow around it?

  13. YEAH Cory Cat!!! I knew you’d find me. Simba–once the first person to see the photo guessed on Friday evening…

    Alas I did not see Jack Nicholson! (And it wasn’t a nice day for skiing either)

  14. It’s a ski lodge somewhere — but who knows where, that’s the problem. I’m going to say St-Jovite, Quebec, Canada, though I’m betting against it.

  15. Dunno!

  16. yeah, where your mommie went.
    I like that tentie. I want one like that in bloo please

  17. I’m kinda glad you didn’t see Jack there…last time he was there he was carrying an ax and saying some really crazy things…

    I am doing the happy dance for finding you!!!

  18. Well done, Cory! Heeeere’s Chey …

  19. Yay for Cory. That place has more snow than I have hear!

  20. Derby, it is up on the Mountain. In fact there is a glacier behind Timberline so that there is typically some snow all year round (though not in FRONT of the lodge). You can ski usually through about the end of July and sometimes into August. The typically close August and reopen when they get snow–usually November.

  21. Rats! I do not know.

  22. i hope you are not in alaska… sarah palin may think you are a wolf!

  23. We think you should go inside immediately=keep warm Chey!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  24. Where are you? Inside that igloo??

  25. It’s furry cold looking there! Yoo finks yoo could give dem a little decorating and color tips on how to warm up da color of da big howse?

  26. Oh Chey did yoo really sleep out dere or is yoo waiting in line? Brrrr dats too cold fer us!

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