Wishful Wednesday

I’m just hanging out in my bed.  I have several wishes:

   I wish the Woman would be able to ski–so we need snow in the mountains.

   I wish that she would get off her behind and take some more photos.  

   I wish that The Woman would light the fireplace for me.

   I wish they would get all this last minute car stuff taken care of so that I could get the attention I deserve!

There. That’s not too much to wish for is it?  Well maybe someone to mail those socks I have packed away for Cory…


  1. You wish for snow so She can ski, knowing that will leave you to the tender mercy of The Male? You’re so unselfish, Chey!

  2. Chey, I think that bed was such a great gift for you!

  3. 🙂 i wish our mom would go to work so we could destroy the house. >:)

  4. We sure hope you get your wishes, Chey!!

  5. We wish all your wishes would come true!!

  6. Purrrr….I really wish your dreams will come true. Not that I’m selfish or anything like that, but you know how socks make me sing arias in the middle of the night…..purrrrr

  7. it’s not too much to wish for at all Chey!

  8. It doesn’t seem a lot to wish for at all ~ we think they are very reasonable requests!

  9. Doesn’t sound lik eto much to us! We hope you get your wishes!

  10. We have lots of snow here! Why doesn’t she pack up you, Gemini and herself to come ski here?

  11. Oh, I hope that you get all of your wishes! There can never be too many pictures of you, Chey! You look very cozy today on that nice blanket!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  12. We would love to see more photos and we think that a lit fire is an absolute necessity for cats this time of year!

    May your wishes come true, Chey!

  13. Yes, darn it — why don’t those humans have their priorities straight! What you want should certainly be first on their agenda, Chey!

  14. Them sounds like furry reezonable wishes to me!

  15. You’re not wishing for too much, In fact, I would be wishing for more. We deserve all we want…right??

  16. If I could, I’d wave a magic wand and make all your wishes come true!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  17. Those are very modest wishes for a cat of your stature, Chey. I hope they come come true…

  18. We hope all your wishes come true.

  19. I love my bed. It is a good place to do some wishing

    I wish tender roasted chicken would plop out of thin air and land right in the middle of the living room. Gravy would be nice too

    I wish dad would crank up the heat to about 86. That would be perfect

  20. Those sound reasonable. I hope your woman is working on them right now. Especially the fire. That sounds nice. I’ve never had one here.

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