Wild Wednesday

Yes! It is I! Cheysuli.

Hear me Roar!!!

Can you hear me now?


  1. We can! All the way over in France!

  2. Oh yes, we can hear ya!

  3. Yes, we can! Best alarm clock going! Have a great day!!

  4. Loud and clear in O Hi O!

  5. We hear you all the way over on our island!!

  6. I would hear you all the way in south FL!

  7. Sheesh! I was wondering what that sound was…now I know!

  8. we can here you here in noo york!

  9. Wow, what a roar you have, Chey! That’s enough to skeer off anyone — even monsters! You are the awesome, fearsome beast. Your ancestors would be proud.

  10. Are you the lion roar we’re hearing all the way down in Louisiana??

  11. I can hear you all the way in South Carolina!

  12. WATCHA SHOUTING ABOUT? Oops sorry, didn’t mean to shout back.

  13. I can hear you in Chicago.

  14. We were wondering what that was here in Schaumburg! Now we know! Good set of lungs girl!

  15. Minnesota hears you!
    Looks like a nice sunny spot you’re in too!

  16. OH yes.. you roar girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Yes I can!

  18. Not yer most flattering side. But I like the roar.

  19. I thought I heard a yawn! MOL

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