Thankful Thursday

We are terribly thankful that Momma got to visit Angel!  He liked her purse and was quite friendly. See–he is putting his stink on her purse so that we had to investigate everything when she got home.

The Woman was impressed with what a big cat he is!  She loves big cats.  Alas, neither Gemini nor I are big cats.  We are both rather small (despite what Mao says).

I am quite thankful as well that things are getting back to normal around here!


  1. We are big cats…your Momma would love us!

  2. Oh, I’m bigger than when I adopted my people! I was just under 8 lb but now I’m about 10. Victor is 12, maybe 13 lb! Mom says we’re little compared to the first cat; he was like Max, a 17-lb tuxedo boy! Angel is handsome.

  3. I can send you a chunky bun if you’d like.

  4. Oh have I got an idea. I’m gonna send you Ginger! She’s huge! In return, just send me a sock.

  5. We are thankful for such nice furends that helped us with all their purz & prayers, THANK YOU so much we really appreciated it. HUGGS=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz & Family

  6. We are not allowed to use words like “fat” and “rolypoly” around Au but he allows “prosperous”. He is from Malacca and we think he’s part Chinese.

  7. Alfie Marshall is quite chunky ~ can I send yoo him?

    Milo xxx

  8. Your Mom is lucky, Angel is a great kitty!

  9. Angel is sure one “big” cat! You kities who like to sit on Laura Bradley purses crack my Mom up.

  10. It musta been fun to meet Angel!! And you guys got to smell him too!

  11. Mom says that we look like big cats too- but at most we only weigh in at tesla- 9, and hansel-10. We are just itty bitty things!

  12. HE looks like ME!!!!!

  13. Eric is big. I would send him but I think the postal service charge more than I can afford for excess baggage.

  14. Normal is good. We like normal here. FAZ

  15. Your Momma would LOVE Whitey! Mai has left the hungrumblies behind and has gotten ginor-mouse. Srsly.

  16. Your mom can come over anytime!
    All three of us are big boys and we’d love the extra pettings!

  17. Oh, yes, Angel just loved your mom’s purse! Maybe because it was so colorful and could smell your stink on it.

  18. Gee!! Angel is a very handsome kitty.
    Nice of him to give you some of his smells 🙂
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia Tillie

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