Tabby Tuesday

I have been snoopervising Momma all week.  She has been looking online at cars and then doing stuff.  Yesterday she did more car stuff and I have to snoopervise.

It is raining up at the slopes today again.  She is not at all happy about that. In fact, they were closed on Monday due to rain!  We could use a little of that cold everyone else had or else we could be in a drought this summer.  I do not know about that because I do not like water much but if Momma says it is a bad thing I guess it is.  Really I am too tired to think on it.


  1. Thinking is hard work…best just to roll over and go back to sleep.

  2. Leave the thinking to the moms. We should just take it easy.

  3. Snoopervising is hard work…time for a long, long nap, methinks…

  4. Napping is much better than thinking!

  5. Do not trouble yourself, sweet girl. Cold is really not very much fun.

  6. You can have as much of our cold as you want for making some skiing snow.

    Did you help to choose the new car, Gemini? What a great helper you are.

  7. where we are they say there’s a drought EVERY summer. We think they’re all crazy and trying to scare us. we don’t worry about it too much.

  8. Just haf a nap an don’t werry bout it. Dat very catlike.

  9. Take it easy, snoopervising takes a lot of effort.

  10. Snoopervising is very important Gemini. you have to make sure she chooses the right car.

  11. Gemmy, we have plenny, plenny cold here to share with you, but not so much of the wet stuff, seein’ as we’re in a DESERT! But, all the Sibes seem to be scorin’ snow this year!

  12. We wish we could send you our snow & cold.
    We gladly would, you know.

  13. Leave the thinking to humans. Naps always make us feel better

  14. Naps are the answer to effurything. If the beans learned that all their problems would be solved.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  15. Snoopervising is the hardest job we kitties have!

  16. Take a little snooze, Gemini, then maybe you can think on it better…

  17. You’re doing the right thing after all that work! One tough tabby you are…hey, did you get some treats??

  18. You are the best snoopervisor that I know. Keep up the nice work.
    I will send some of our cold your way if you need it.

  19. Happy snoopervising Gemini 😉
    We know you dot he job well!
    It is raining in BC too!!!
    It better stop since the Olympics will be there next month!
    Maybe winter will come back.
    To them not us.We like the winter we are having on the easy coast!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

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