Tabby Tuesday

IMG_7546aI am not happy with all these photos being taken! Momma says I have very expressive ears.  I am not sure why I am unhappy here–except maybe Momma was taking too many photos and not paying enough attention to me.

I hate it when she does not love on me ALL the time. I am, after all, a love bug. At least that is what Momma calls me.  And I think I need lots of love and attention.


  1. And you are a cute little love bug, even when you’re angry.

  2. You’ve got a great annoyed expression there, Gemini. It deserves a cuddle.

  3. We call that ears are airplane ears here,
    means not happy~~ heehee~~

  4. You tell your Momma that you know that if you look a little annoyed and off to the side, then you won’t get lazer eyes from the camera. So it is a good thing.

    Your ears are adorable, dahling.

  5. We can’t see a photo! It’s disappeared!

    But we know yoo are a cute love bug anyway.

  6. If you keep giving her that annoyed look…maybe she’ll stop taking your picture…

  7. Wonder what happened to the photo…. we cannot see it 🙁
    Momma calls me her Tootie Love Bug!

  8. We can’t see the photo, but we’re sure you look adorable.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. You need to let the mom take some time off from loving on you so she can take photos. If she doesn’t take the photos then we cannot see the wonderful pictures of you. I would miss seeing you.

  10. You don’t look very happy Gemini. Is Chey creeping up behind you? Mum calls me her Love Bug too.

  11. Mommy calls that “givin her ears”. I give her ears when she pokes the flashy box at me too much too. Yoo is cute tho efun givin ears!

  12. Gemini, that’s an excellent Hard Look!

  13. You don’t look very happy at all, I bet a Mommy-hug would cheer you right up!

  14. For some reason, I cannot see your picture. There is just a grayed out square where it should be. And I’ve had troubles lately getting to your blog. It must be something on my end.

    I’m sure you’re as adorable as ever, Gemini!

  15. Airplane ears! Gandalf does that a lot, Gemini! It’s a great all-purpose “I’m not happy with you” look!

  16. you’re still cute! Luna saz you has the froot-bat ear going on. She has the bat ear too =^_^=

  17. We cannot believe that given the chance, any human would not love on you as much as you desire. We do not understand humans at all!

  18. My mommy does that too! Too many pictures, not enough loving on the girlkitty! You tell your momma our pretty furs won’t pet themselves!

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