Tabby Tuesday

I am checking out some stuff in the moved around house. I must make sure all is well.  I like the blankets best so I shall start there. Maybe there will be a good place for me to snooze while Momma works!

Actually like it when she is on the computer and I can stand and put my tail in her face.  I like to do that.

Momma asks me not to but I do not want her to forget that I am around and having my tail in her face prevents that.   When I really really really need her to know that I am around I put my buttocks in her face as well.

Momma is stressed this week.  They are trying to sell her car and it irritates her to be home and then spend a bunch of time with someone who then thinks she should sell her car (after the mechanic says that it is in exceptional condition and has had excellent care) for the value blue book puts in on a “good” condition car rather than the price she is asking. 

Then Momma will be gone this weekend too and she is rather stressed out about that.   I shall have to make biscuits on her to make her feel better while she watches television later on.


  1. I hope your mommy will have more relax time~!
    And I am sure you are the good girl will make her not that stress~!
    Kiss all of you and your mommy!

  2. Blankets are good. It is impossible to ignore a kitty tail in the face, so you are good at reminding your Mom that you are around. I hope that your Mom gets unstressed. Making biscuits on her sounds like a good start.

  3. A tail in the face for starters and biscuits after sounds the way to go, Gemini!

  4. Some people always like to take advantage, don’t they? Take good care of your Mom, Gemini!

  5. That’s right, Gemini…you do what you can to make your mom feel better!

  6. I’s sure yoo can make yore mommy feels better,Gemini!

  7. Gemini, I do that with my Mom a lot too – when she is on the computer I stand between her and the screen and get my tail up to help obscure the screen. But she has taught me when she taps the table and says sit sit sit sit, or LIE down Simba, I will cooperate and lie down.

    Tell Momma to hold out for her price on the car. Unless she just wants it all done with. Hard decision. Maybe if she knows the car is getting a good forever home with people who will love it, she can accept the lower amount.

  8. WOW!!! Hope that yur Momma can de-stress soon! Biscuts are a grate place to start!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  9. Maybe you should hold off on the butt and tail in the face if your mom is already stressed. The biscuits sound like a wonderful idea, though — that should help her to decompress.

  10. Gemini, you are so thoughtful. I have not made biscuits yet, but I have put my buttocks in Mom’s face. I try to do that when I notice she is working too hard. It seems to stop her, at least momentarily.

  11. Good Plan Gemini. Biscuit making on me always sooths my nerves.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  12. Making biscuits will de-stress her, but probably not the butt in face. Our mum complains when she wakes up to find my butt jammed against her cheek.

  13. The tail in the face is a great way to begin, Ms. Gemini … and followed by strategic butt placement — genius! Your Momma is sure to appreciate the biscuit making (known in our house as “happy feet”), just remember to rein in the clawrs!

  14. Take good care of your mom. It’s rough on everyone when they get stressed.

  15. Biscuit making always seems to make moms feel much better. Fluffy tails also help even if they pretend to be annoyed. They do love it!

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