Tabby Tuesday

No Momma, but that chair right over there!  See it looks much better right there.

Daddy tried rearranging the house and it is taking more work than he thought. Momma is still adjusting things to make them all fit and look nice.   I am helping her. I am such a helpful cat.

I can’t wait until everything is moved back. Right now there is stuff on my fireplace and Momma can’t turn it on.  I think I shall go back to pointing out where I want things because otherwise maybe I won’t get any more fires at all!

Oh, can you purr for some snow for our mountains.  It’s STILL raining on the slopes and Momma is very discouraged.


  1. I feel your pain in having your house and fire discomboobligated, but believe me, you don’t want snow, srsly! :)xxx

  2. I am all for snow on your mountains. We are getting some right now. I hope things get put right soon. It’s just fair not being able to have your fireplace on.

  3. You actually WANT snow? Well, we have heard that people “up the road” from you in BC are beginning to panic as the Olympics draw near and there is no snow…

  4. It’s no fun having your house messed up! We hope they can get it back together soon and things get back to normal for you Gemini! And if you want snow, you can have ours…’cept it’smelting now….

  5. What would your humans do without your great snoopervision?

  6. I love the way you are pointing with your paw…very good direction Gemini…how could they do this without you?

  7. cats should always be in charge, we know what to do. Good job of trying to help them. Maybe next time they will listen to you.

  8. Yes, you do a good job snoopervising there, Gemini! It must be very difficult for you when your beans decide to do something that disrupts your daily routine like that. Don’t they know any better?

  9. Everyone knows that girls are better than boys at interior decorating!

  10. Gemini, you are prolly a better decorator than your mom OR dad! they should lissen to you!

  11. How good of you to offer your decorating expertise to your Momma, Ms. Gemini! I’m sure Chey appreciates your helping get things all back in order, too.

  12. We bet yoo help yoor momma a lot! Bur srsly ~ yoo don’t reelly want snow do yoo?

  13. Gemini, don’t let up until everything is exasctly to your liking!

  14. We like the house to be nice & orderly.
    Chaos is not welcome here.

  15. We don’t like it if things get moved. You make sure they put everything exactly as you want it.

  16. Purr for snow, in the mountains.

  17. The best way for snow to happen is up on the ski slopes and not in the cities. So that is what we will purr for – snow in the mountains, then sunshine everywhere – to ski by and to do everything else by too!

  18. You are doing a great job snoopervising. If it is raining and cold, you may as well have snow. It’s prettier and more fun. Not that i know anything because we never have snow in Sydney.

  19. No fire … at … all? How do yoo stay warm??


  20. Always have to tell the humans what to do. A cat’s work is never done.
    We’ll purr for snow in the mountains for your mom too.

  21. No fire and no snow… hang in there and wait a little bit, and both of you should get what you need.

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