Sunday Guest Star: Kaika and Derby

With a few hints and some help from their friend Faz the Cat, Derby the Sassy Cat got the general place right, guessing, “Well if Faz had one word wrong. The I say you are IN Capetown South Africa.  We had hit almost all of the other continents so it must be Africa.”  Faz said, “Could it be somewhere near Capetown?”  Of course I wasn’t near Capetown, but in Capetown.  Leave it to ‘Kaika to have the most correct guess, “Are you on the beach looking out at Table Mountain, Cape Town?”  And indeed that was the most correct answer!

I have to thank Simba for the use of this photo.   He was kind enough to let me use it, although he did say that it would be a bit difficult because the clouds obscured the normally notable Table Mountain.

Parker reminds me that I will always find water, “I knew it had to be you that discovered water on the moon!
I’m right – right? HaHaHaHaHa!” Well not this time, but who knows?

Now, for some unsettling news, to me.   The Male decided to rearrange the house, moving the computers into the living room and the television into the downstairs family room.  The move was supposed to happen on Saturday with a little cleanup on Sunday… UH HUH.   Well his computer desk was broken which means until they can build or get a new one he will be sharing MY computer.  It’s bad enough that I must allow the Woman to use it!  But the Male!  At any rate, this may mean that I don’t get to blog much next week, although the times the Woman uses the computer will mean I can still visit.  Sigh.  I shall miss telling you all about my life!


  1. Kaika is really good at finding you, Chey. My sympathies for your computer use problems. I hope the Male gets his desk fixed soon.

  2. Ah the challenges that are sent to try us! We hope you get your computer back 100% SOON!

  3. Darn it, I was sure you were on the moon!

  4. Good for Faz and Derby and Kaika. I had fun watching from the “sidelines” while everycat guessed.

    it seems unacceptable to me that you would have to share your computer with the Male. But maybe he will want to watch tv a lot and be in the family room. In our house the tv and the computer are in the SAME room which allows the humans to “multitask” ut it makes it confusing for me.

  5. Seems the only way I know where you are is when my mom gives you a photo!!! Ha!

    I do like guessing. As for sharing your computer, I think it stinks! You should not have to share…your blogging takes priority.

  6. Well, we never would have guess that! Congrats to Kaika, Derby and Faz!

    And we don’t think any cat should hafta share his/her computer…that’s just not right…

  7. Can we give you a photo? Then we’d be able to get it right. ::sigh::

  8. Well done, Derby and Faz! Chey, I kinda thought you were in the area of Cape Town because cat blogger Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana’s Wooman is from SA and has posted many beautiful photos on her blog from her visits back to Cape Town, and some were taken while hiking Table Mountain.

    And I totally agree, Chey, you shouldn’t have to cut into your blogging time because the humans are having issues … sheesh!

  9. We’re really bad at finding you, but we like trying!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. I think Kaika needs to give geography lessons to all of us.

  11. Concats to Derby, Kaika and Faz.
    Chey, whatever do you mean, the male wants to use your computer? Just forbid him to use it. Problem solved.

  12. We did not get over in time to play, but we also like to see
    all the cool places that you visit 🙂
    We hope you can nag the Male so he gets a desk ASASP!!!
    If you need help whining, let us know 😉
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia Tillie

  13. Well done, Derby and Faz! We missed you this week Chey, been busy earning cat biscuits and roast chicken… Hope the Male gets a new desk soon.

  14. I just improved on a previous guess! Not fair that you have to share.

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