Meezer Monday

Well now I must look aloof and martyred as the Woman is back and wants to pay attention to me.   I mustn’t allow her to believe she has any importance to me. In face, although I ignored the Male all weekend (did you really expect otherwise?), I might just sit on him tonight to show her my displeasure.   I will have to decide later.

Sigh.  Look at this old old photo of me.  She could at least have taken a few new photos.  The good news (to me) is that it was quite nasty for skiing on Saturday so she only got one good day of skiing in.  HA!  Leave me for a ski trip again!  She’ll think twice I bet!


  1. when my Mum goes on work trips I am buddies with the WB, and then she comes back and I say hello, but a later on that night, I bite her to tell her I was upset with her for leaving me. I don’t understand why she laughs at me when I attack her, I’m seriously upset, it’s not funny. Peepul…

  2. What, she was gone the ‘whole’ weekend! She deserves much, much of that aloof stuff. We’re not much good at that because we only last until the beans go into the kitchen. Then we get there ahead of them.

    Mindy, Moe, Bon Bon, Cookie & Mike

  3. We think you should really punish her by sitting on The Male. If you can manage it, a good barf on her pillow might work too.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. I usually like to leave a fresh hair ball in the hallway for her to step into with her bare feet when she’s left me.

  5. Well, Chey, you got your revenge on her, didn’t you. She didn’t have good weather.

  6. Hmmmm…she takes off for what I thought was “work”…she goes and skis?? Leaving you behind?? Oh wow…I think she deserves to have you sit on the male, act like you love him or something…it might be tough but she won’t be able to handle it and she’ll never leave you again.

  7. Welcome back, Chey! I’m certain you will find some punishment befitting of the Woman’s crime.

  8. Such a cute Photo!

  9. That’ll teach her to leave yoo and go ski-ing!

  10. Chey, I think that will teach your mom an important lesson! Maybe you could even try the Back of Disrespect.

  11. We’re with Daisy…time for the Back of Disrsepect…humans have got to learn…

  12. We like your plan, Chey!

  13. You should really be angry that the weather was not so good for skiing, since now she may feel she has to plan ANOTHER ski weekend to get some better conditions. My Mom has not gone skiing for many years and she heard the other day they charge like NINETY DOLLARS for a lift ticket now. That kind of money could buy you lots of ham and cat beds and toys, that it would have been better if she could have gotten it over with in one trip.

    I am glad she didn’t injure anything that might have impeded her ability to help you blog, Chey.

  14. I always ignore my human when she comes back from a trip. She needs to learn that leaving is unacceptable.

  15. We always try to ignore the Beans when they come back from their trips. So far I haven’t managed more than ten minutes, but it is better than Flynn who throws himself at our mum the moment she walks through the door.

  16. maybe she should haf read the weather report before she left?

  17. It sounds like lots of heavy-duty strategising going on! We hope she gets the message!

  18. You’ve got it all figured out, Chey! The more you don’t want them, the more they want you. Imagine, abandoning you for a lousy day of skiing!

  19. Heh, at leest WE don’t haff to werry abowt Momma leeving to play in snow!

  20. THANK YOU for coming to see us Chey…it meant a lot xxx

  21. We don’t like it when the humans go away either – fortunately, they don’t do it very often. And we know that’s an old photo, but we think it’s really cute. (We have one of those toys too – they are great!)

  22. were glad yoos momma iz back and had a poor tyme wiffowt yoo. she should hafe asked yoo ta go skiing too. yud luk gud on tha slopes.

  23. Glad your mum is back. Give her a break I think she needs some lovin from you.

  24. Well Chey, given your real attitude towards the Male,
    you may want to forgive your Mom, after a proper interval of ignoring 😉
    She IS Mom after all!!
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia Tillie

  25. I bet she was crying and missed you the whole time she was skiing


  26. How rood of her to leeve yoo alone!

  27. Play hard to get, maybe she won’t leave you next time.

  28. I noticed in that old picture, you are playing with a Kitty Can’t Cope Sack! Maybe Mom was trying to tell you something!!!
    ~Lisa Co9T

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