Meezer Monday

At least she could take some new photos of me instead of her old car but no she had to go out and take photos of her old car. Was it not enough that she had to rearrange my whole house, now she can’t even take some new photos of me?!

And Gemini got some photos taken but not I!  How rude is that?!  Okay, so I was ignoring the whole mess downstairs and Gemini had to go and check it out but that’s silly.

At least the Male’s desk is done but his computer isn’t hooked up yet.   Of course I am certain that will be the next thing he does.  No doubt he will mess up my computer when he does the router–he always does.  Sigh.  Humans.


  1. Poor suffering Chey. We feel for you!

  2. Poor Chey! Those humans are so inconsidewate!

  3. Chey, you’re just having a hard time lately. I hope it gets better soon.

  4. But they found a sock….right? Did it smell good?

  5. I really hope that the Male won’t mess up your computer when he sets up the router again. You deserve to have some new pictures taken of you.

  6. Oh Chey, sum times beans can be a right pest!

  7. You said it….. Humans!

  8. It looks like things are not quite back to what they should be yet…

  9. Chey, you are being subjected to way too much stress! The beans should always take us kitties into consideration first and foremost!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  10. What are you going to do, Chey? You can’t live with ’em and you can’t live without ’em — humans, that is! Just go with the flow, I guess.

  11. You poor thing. I have been having such a hard time with my mommas laptop. Then she sent it away and I had to use the jealous one’s laptop which was worse than mommas. Then I get hers back this weekend and it still shuts down on me while I’m trying to connect with my friends. Humans! they can never get it right. Hang in there !

  12. ours is so freaking lazy

  13. We hope the male doesn’t mess up your router. Our dad isn’t allowed to alter or touch anything on the computers cuz he’s bound to mess it up. He plays poker on it and looks at webcams and that’s it.

  14. The stress you are living with Chey! You can come stay here for awhile if you’d like.

  15. You should put your foot down and tell the Male he is not to touch your router. The nerve of him!

    Is Momma taking car pictures to sell the Civic? My Dad is always having people ask if he will sell them his Civic and it’s a ’93!

  16. They aren’t making it easy for you, are they Chey???

  17. Poor Chey! Your endurance during these trying times is admirable.

  18. Really just no telling about the humans and the things they will mess up trying to fix them. Hope your router is OK.

  19. Poor Chey. How DO you put up with those humans you live with?!

  20. Oh, Chey, what you don’t put up with from that male. (Oops, spelled it mail the first time.) Your computer should be the first thing up because you’re famous. Course, you’ve made the male famous too, so maybe he thinks he can get away with more?

  21. Yeah, I feel ya, my Mum hasn’t taken my pic in awhile either.

  22. Ah Chey, we haven’t visited for awhile and yoo’re still suffering at da hands of dat man. Yeah, we know yoor mom didn’t take da pikshers but we’re sure it was somehow his fawlt.

  23. The Male better not prevent you from blogging.

  24. Oh Chey!!!! How do you stand it????????????
    Tell your Mom we demand more Chey!! 😉
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia Tillie

  25. I hope you did a lot of complaining.

  26. Poor Chey, yoo tell ’em!

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