Meezer Monday

I was disappointed that I did not get to hang out more with the Woman this weekend.  She and the Male went and test drove some cars.   She has been thinking that this spring she would get a new one.   This is because her beloved Honda Civic DX (base model at that) now has 127,700 miles on it.   Like THAT matters. Or that it matters that it’s a 1998.  I mean really–cars last a few years don’t they?

A few months ago the passenger door stopped opening from the outside and for some reason the Woman finds this inconvenient.   Also last Monday for some reason it didn’t want to start easily either.  I guess the starting thing is what bothered her and got her to go out and start looking harder at cars.

She really really wanted a new Civic.  Except she drove one and she sits so far forward that the windshield is practically above her head and she hated the windshield.   She has a friend who just got one who isn’t much taller but has longer legs and she loves hers–so it must be that Woman has to pull the seat just a little too far forward.   At any rate, they test drove a BUNCH of cars on Saturday and on Sunday went to a used car dealer and got a bank repossessed Scion Xa, which she really likes.  It’s even a manual transmission.  And she now has air conditioning.. like we need that right now.

At any rate–I don’t care. So long as I don’t have to ride in it.   And so long as she stays home to make up for all that time I didn’t get to sit on her this weekend. Of course, the up side is that the Male was gone too….


  1. Finding just the right vehicle is difficult for the humans!

  2. If they didn’t have a veercull, they’d stay home wiv us more! Think on that!

  3. My ‘rents are talking cars lately. Like I care, as long as I don’t have to ride in them!

  4. I’ve heard my Mom talking about selling her Lincoln, which she loves for comfort, and getting a Toyota Camry for better gas mileage -AND it will akshully FIT in the garage!

  5. Concats to your Woman on the new car!!

  6. hmmm that is a toss up. One hand, the woman is gone, the other hand, the male is gone….. i’ve got it! i’ve solved all your troubles! Send the male out to look at cars, and if he THINKS he found one that the woman might like, he can come tell her, and then he can go out AGAIN. but think about all that nice cuddle time you’ll have with the woman with the male gone.

  7. We like how you see a silver lining in every cloud, Chey…

  8. Car shoppig has been going on around here some weekends too. We have Civics that just kee going and going and going! My folks rather liked the Honda CRV. Hope the Woman enjoys her new Scion!

    Hansel’s got a good plan – maybe it could be applied to other shopping situations.

  9. Hmmmm…if they just kept the old one, then it would continue to not start and then The Woman would have to stay home with you more. Since she has decided that she must use the car to leave you on a regular basis, the best we can hope for is that you’ll never have to ride in it.

  10. We just googled your mom’s new car and is it ever a cutie! Chey, we think sooner or later you will have to take a ride in it.

    Mom’s car she had before the one she has now that your mom rode in she had for 16 years!

    We LOL’d a lot when we read the part about The Male being out of the house!

  11. Well, that’s great that your mombean got herself a new car — and that the male didn’t bother you cause he was out, too!

    At least if they ever do take you in the car, you will be safe.

  12. We got a new car, too! My Daddeh had to turn in his company car when he was laid off, and now that he got a new job, we had to get a second car again. He got a Prius!

  13. We tend to agree that it is quite useful to have all doors open in a car… By the way, our #1 drives a 1995 car that used to belong to her father and she’s driving it until it will be driven no more!

    By the way, we hope you do get more quality time… That has to come first in the list of priorities!

  14. At least you have a cool human who can cope with a manual transmission. Imagine the embarassment if she couldn’t.
    your bud Pepi

  15. The Humans always seem to find it exciting to get a new car. We can’t see what all thee fuss is about though.

  16. Ooooh, new car!!! My SS has a zippy yellow Honda Jazz. I dislike going in it because it always seems that the destination is the vet’s.

  17. How come my photo doesn’t show up?

  18. Humans have a hard time finding the purrfect car!! We don’t like ANY cars, so we don’t care what they pick!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  19. Like most kitties, we detest riding in those metal machines our beans insist on having!!
    One time I even rode on a bus with Mom!!!!! Yuck!!!!!!!!
    Maybe your Mom can find lots of errands for the Male 😉 heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  20. I would like to test drive a car. That sounds fun!

  21. Mum loves her Honda Civic now and the one she had before. Mum has a furiend whose Honda is about the same as yours, 250,000 miles on it.

  22. Forbid her from going out, Chey, new car or not!

  23. Thank you for the birthday wishes to Lego~!!
    He is a really good and naughty kid!

  24. I think they could have asked your opinion. I mean, you DO have to be in the car sometimes!

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