Meezer Monday

IMG_2067aSo I’m just lying here refusing to look at the Woman.   I am tired of her not paying enough attention to me.   She listens to the Male singing, “No Chey des pas.”  As if!  She keeps telling me that that is a bad song for people who are very sad that they do not know Chey.   He says it’s “Silent Night” in Spanish.

I don’t like the words.  Besides, Christmas is over!

Now, will you please turn on the fireplace. My butt is cold.


  1. Turning on the fireplace is the least they can do for you Chey.

  2. Oh, Chey …you deserve a better start to the New Year! Stand your ground … don’t reward them by paying any attention to them until you get treats and a lit fireplace.

  3. Yoo tell ’em Chey! Yoo need to be warm, right? Nuff said.

  4. We wanna share a spot in front of the fireplace wif you!

  5. Cold butts are no fun!

  6. Oh Chey…we hope the Woman starts paying more attention to you…and turns that fireplace on so your butt can get warm…

  7. We hope you can get your butt warmed cuz a cold butt is not funny.

  8. Here’s to a toasty butt in 2010! We wish you all a Happy New Year!
    Siena & Chilli

  9. Keep refusing to look at the Woman and in the end they will realize you are Not Pleased and things will improve.

  10. Nothing is worse than a cold butt!

  11. It looks like there’s an afghan right near you. Why don’t you ask to be covered?

  12. Our butt is cold, our ears are cold, our toes are cold… We do not enjoy winter. Thank Cod for fleece!

  13. First thing…Turn on the fire for your butt!!!!
    Second thing…we must do something about the Male!!!!
    How about ‘kitty sensitive’ training?????
    It’s obvious he flunked the course,heehee
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  14. the Male obviously has a plain and ordinary South American accent instead of a sexy sibilant Madrid accent. But what do you expect?! Tell him Cayate and make him switch on the heater for you.

  15. how rude! (the man, not you)

  16. your daddy is making fun of you and your mom is ignoring you.
    I think you should start screaming, or call the authorities.

    You need to jump up on the mantle and knock that remote to the fireplace down and keep it with you. turn on the fireplace while they are sleeping


  17. My mom had a fire in the fireplace all weekend.

  18. Your butt might be cold, but it sure is cute!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  19. Hi Chey!! We hope yopu get warm!! It is cold in Texas right now, too!!
    Your freezing TX furiends,

  20. Things are clearly not quite right and something must be done!

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