Find Chey Friday

Guess what?!  No water!  I am so pleased.  Anyway there might have been a clue in this week’s posts as to where I am.  Can you figure out what it was and find me?

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  1. Lording it over everyone from your vantage point in the sky. Very cute, Chey!

  2. Hmmm … maybe a museum … in Chicago?

  3. We think ‘Kaika is right (as usual). It’s probably somewhere you went to when you visited Angel in Chicago.

  4. I never had any idea where you were and this is no exception. Wherever it is it is way cooler than where I am now. I am sweltering in this heat. Gotta take up residence in the bathroom for tonight

  5. You’re on the catwalk baby!

  6. We’re not sure it’s a museum. Maybe a hotel?

  7. We’re with the Poupounette…maybe a hotel?? But don’t know which one…

  8. We are thinking the mall of america

  9. I think it is a hotel in or near Chicago. There seems to be a tv or computer screen to the right, so I don’t think it is a Mall. Is it by chance the Holiday Inn?

  10. You’re in a hotel…I’m guessing it’s a trick and you are really close to home in Seattle. You just wanted to get away from the male for a night so you checked yourself in to a downtown Seattle hotel…not sure which one…I’m sure you didn’t care. As long as they served ham on their room service menu!

  11. hmmm…i have no idea where you are… but we are sending a limo over to fetch you and gemini then will be flying you over to the casino calamari for tonight’s haiti telethon…. serving ham on the flight

  12. We think it’s a hotel, but we have no clue where!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  13. we’re too stoopid for this game
    too stoopid for this game
    so stoopid it hurts

    you’re a model and you know what we mean
    you do your little turn on the catwalk
    on the catwalk baby yeah on the catwalk
    and you do your little turn on the catwalk

  14. Simba is the closest location wise… but there is room for improvement…

  15. A shopping mall!

  16. Here’s a hint: Chey is just north of a shopping mall that once was the largest indoor mall in the USA.

    Here’s one more hint: Chey is practically in our backyard!

  17. But she’s in a hotel, right?

  18. Chey, you DO get around.
    We never know where you are because WE don’t get around much.

  19. Are you back in Schaumburg?

  20. Maybe the Schaumburg Township Public Library?

  21. I think you are in a fancy hotel/convention center in Schaumburg Illinois – on a catwalk.

  22. It looks like someplace extra fancy!

  23. You know, Chey, on second thought, I think Simba may be right that you are at the Schaumburg Convention Center and Renaissance Hotel.

  24. We have no clue. but it looks like a very nice place.

  25. It is looking down into the seating area of the M.I. Great Room in the Schaumburg Convention Center and Renaissance Hotel.

  26. Simba, ‘Kaika and Eric and Flynn–you go! YES!

  27. sum kinda hotel.
    oh. I see it was already guessed. I did not know it. wowie. You are up high

  28. Uh oh, ‘Kaika. Simba might be challenging you for the honorific “Smarty Pants” title!

  29. So, Maobert … would that be a pair of smarty pants? Harharhar!

  30. No, two pairs of smarty pants! I can even show you a picture of my pair of smarty pants.

  31. As usual,we don’t know where you are 🙂
    At least you have a great vantage point to get your bearings,
    or get your ham! Which ever you spot first!!
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia Tillie

  32. I figured it might be your new palace to live in. But a nice hotel is good too, hope they have stinky goodness on the room service menu.

  33. Chey, we hope we didn’t give too many clues!

    Before they built that hotel, the 45 acres was all wooded where vishus deer and all sorts of little animals lived. It broke Mom’s heart when they stole their home away and she let the village know it. But you can’t fight City Hall!

  34. I know! I know! You’re visiting Laila and Minchie outside of Chicago!

  35. Laila and Minchie, we have a new housing development near us that used to be a wonderful wild home for animals big and small, which is now just rows and rows of McMansions. It is very sad, so my Mom and I understand how your Mom felt about the place where they built that hotel.

  36. I understand, too, how Laila and Minchie’s Mom feels about development … my human is from Hawai’i … where they paved Paradise and, well you know how it goes.

  37. My blog post today is about my “pair of smartypants”:
    in which I encourage ‘Kaika to start her own blog. Don’t you other kitties agree that she should have a blog?

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