Chey purchases World’s Most Expensive Ham


Chey looking plump after her latest ham


Ham loving former presidential candidate, Cheysuli purchased a ham today.  It is considered to be the world’s most expensive ham.

When asked to comment the former candidate was unable to get words out as her mouth was too full.

People visiting the cat during this time said the ham smelled very good and Cheysuli looked a bit fatter than usual.


  1. We had read about that ham and was wondering who the lucky buyers would be!

  2. Haha! Excellent post. Chey, you look as podgy, sorry as “prosperous” as Au!

  3. Have yoo eated it all ~ or is there any left to share?

  4. Wow! The world’s most expensive ham? And you ate it all up? I hope it was extremely delicious.

  5. I have not had ham yet. Is yours large enough to… Share?!

  6. That ham looks interesting but we think we’ll stick with our regular ham so we can afford more!! We’re all about quantity and not quality here!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. I am on my way…

  8. Can we try some of that ham?

  9. Looks like you really enjoyed that ham, Chey!

  10. We hope that ham lived up to expectations Chey. If your satisfied look is anything to go by, then it did.

  11. Your ham has a …………. hoof. was it good?

  12. That ham weighs more than you do Chey! We’re headed over for a ham party!

  13. pee ess…so there will be no handoff of a sock this weekend? ::sigh::

  14. Hope you are going to plan a big Ham Party.

    We noticed that the article said the pigs had been fed a special diet of acorns and roots. We have so many acorns here, we would send them to you for free and you could eat them instead of the ham – why bother to pass them through the pig first?

  15. Chey you have a very discriminating palate.
    Only a true gourmet could really appreciate this delectable ham.
    Any leftovers?

  16. And you didn’t share any of it? Eating a whole leg of ham? I don’t think that’s kosher, is it?
    ~Lisa Co9T

  17. There is nothing like a good ham.

  18. Only the best for you, Ms. Chey!

  19. WOW!!
    Nice way to treat yourself,heehee
    Bet right now, you couldn’t care less what the Male is doing!!!
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia Tillie

  20. Ohhhhhh
    I will be right over.
    I love ham sooooooo much
    I say, eat until you are very full.
    You never know when the ham will be available again – maybe never!

    bonks to both of you girls

  21. I guess that means there must be a second-most expensive ham, which is now the most expensive ham, because you ate the other one up!

    Pray tell us what kind is it, and where did you get it?

  22. Any left? I’m on my way!!!!

  23. Did you eat it all? Nothing to share?

  24. luks lyk it wuz worf it.

  25. Did you eat the whole thing?

  26. Oh boy I wonder if they make chickens that good?! You know I can always find room for another chicken in my belly… 😉 Oh and did you know they make special ‘space chicken’ for catronauts? They do and it’s wonderful, I so like the feel of it coming back to life in your mouth!! 🙂 Maybe I should blog about my ‘space chicken’ next week?

  27. Enjoy it Chey, you only have nine lives.

    Thanks for the kind words when we lost Crystal.

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