Wishful Wednesday

IMG_7359aIf the Woman is going to be gone some much this week, then I think I will just stay in my bed.  

But boy do I wish that she would leave the fireplace on all day. It’s cold around here!!!


  1. Yesh, it is getting Purrty colds everywhere! We is gettin’ a blizzard an’ lotsa’ snows. Stay warm!

  2. Of course she should. It sounds like she needs a refresher course in how a Human should serve their cat. We have a woodburner, and that is burning 24/7

  3. We hope shes back soon to turn the fireplace on!

  4. Awww ~ give her an ultimatum! Fire left on or …. erm … er…. you’ll be norty!

  5. stupid beans never know that we need the fire too. Maybe she can teach you to light it?

  6. It’s freezy butt weather for sure!

  7. You do look kinda mopey there. Good luck about the fire, but I don’t think it is going to happen.

  8. It’s only fair that she leave the fireplace on if she’s not gonna be around to help keep you warm!

  9. A warm cozy fire, sounds pawsome!

  10. Chey, I am spending all of my time in my Millie Bed too, dreaming of you. Mine is in front of a heat blowing thingy, do you want to come over and snuggle? We don’t have a fireplace (but we want one)!.

  11. Oh Chey! I feel so badly for you — cold and alone! Where’s Gemini? You could snuggle up with her and take care of both problems.

  12. A fireplace sounds like the bestest thing! Enjoy the warmth, Chey.

  13. It’s cold here too…no fireplace in my apartment though…

  14. If you think it’s cold where you are, don’t even dream about coming here. After this blizzard passes, we’re dropping to 7F!!! If anyone wants me, I’ll be under the quilt on the big bed.


  15. AHHHHHHH our the mom is STOOPID. we’s so ‘barassed we’s just going to hide!!!! imagine putting our thursday post up ‘afore our wishful wednesday post. ::SIGH::

    and it’s ‘posed to be in the negative temperachurs

  16. Oh, Chey, you look so nice and snuggly warm in that bed that matches your furs purrfectly.

  17. Stay warm Chey! Do yoo has that dreaded snow stuffs now too? The mom keeps sayin it sucks but we dun hear the loud sucky machine. We’s confused.

  18. Yeah, I don’t know why she can’t just stoke up the fire before she leaves for the day!

  19. Our house stays the same temperature all year, which is a little cool for us. But then we got the big heated waterbed, which is perfect!

  20. Don’t you all have one of those fancy heated beds? I hear they are all the rage. Of course, we just leave the fireplace going all day cause we are at home….sorry.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  21. Not as cold as it will be here. Plus we have lots of snow to play in too.

  22. Oh man Chey, it’s freezy cold here. We’s by Derby and it’s so cold dat mommy takes da little woofie out and holds him above da ground to do his bizness and den runs right back in! Maybe yoor mom should get yoo a nice heated cat bed.

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