Whining on Wednesday

IMG_7232aSigh.. I am still all alone… The Woman has been working. Further, the last time I tried to wake her when the alarm didn’t go off, no one said thank you Cheysuli. Yesterday the alarm didn’t go off and Gemini walked on her and she looked at her watch and found that she was almost 20 minutes late getting up and she needed to get to work.

All morning it was, “Thank you Gemini,” “Thank you little Puff,” and so on until I was nauseaus!  I mean really!!!   Like this was completely good.   

Someone knocked over a plant downstairs and I was accused. Now was that fair?  Not at all. And it wasn’t even the fault of the plant that the power was out in half the house but not the other half.   I guess there was something wrong with the power supply and so after paying an electrician a huge amount of money to come out the same day and diagnose that there was nothing to be done they had to call the power company who WAS at fault because their line wasn’t working properly. 

I hope this doesn’t cut into my ham fund.  But the way things are going I bet it does.  

And I probably won’t even get to visit all my friends again… sigh.


  1. Relax, Chey~~
    Sometimes you need to take a break to look at these stuffs~
    Using your easy yamn to look at these mess around, the problem will be fixed, I know.

  2. It is clearly just not good enough. None of it. You deserve to whine today. Especially if the ham fund is threatened.

  3. you know, moms. what do they even know. if they aren’t there to witness it, how is it always they know who did it? I keep getting blamed for things being whapped around the house. Something about well ben’s in his kennel all day and tesla is also confined and i’m the only one out. Shhheeesssh. I still say it’s tesla. -hansel

  4. You poor, poor thing!

  5. Oh Chey…you deserve lots of ham for all that you hafta put up with…

  6. Chey, sometimes it’s not worth getting all worked up. We are betting the ham fund is safe.

  7. You are a regular Whine-Mistress, Chey! You’ve got it down to a science! I don’t blame your mama for sleeping in, though — she must be very tired after working so hard.

    Not fair that you get blamed for everything, though. I can sympathize with that!

  8. That’s SOOO not fair, Chey! You deserve EXTRA ham for this!

    Nico, Austin & JayJay 🙂

  9. Sometimes we need to make sure they wake, even if they don’t appreciate it.

  10. My Mommeh always says, everything is better after some good whine.

  11. Poor darling. Have a nap, destress and thank heaven you’re a cat who doesn’t have pockets, therefore no money, and therefore no responsibility for fixing the alarm clock and the power. No wonder cats rule!

  12. We always feel better after a goo whine or two.

  13. Poor Chey. We can tell you are not appreciated.

  14. Oh, no!! Not the ham fund … whine on, Chey!

  15. Don’t worry sweetie, it is just the busy time of the year. You will get to visit your friends soon, this I know. Just try and be patient with your mom. Hey, if you are going to get blamed for knocking something over I say don’t wake her up in the morning and she can just be late for work. That would serve her right.

  16. Hmmmm, I think we know who is the “favorite” in the family! Poor Chey….you’re so put upon.

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