Tabby Tuesday

IMG_7544aI love to lie on the arm of the sofa.  Momma usually sits next to me so I can walk  over on her and her blanket and then make biscuits on her tummy.

She will not let me make biscuits right now because she burned her belly.   She was making hot tea and the bottom of the jar she was pouring the tea into just broke off completely.  And hot hot water ran everywhere.  She was leaning against the counter in her sweats and the elastic band absorbed all that hot hot water and then pressed it against her belly and she gots blisters on her belly.  

She does not like my kitty toes trying to poke them.   I do not know why.

I purr best when I am poking with my kitty toes and making biscuits.  So instead I will sit here and purr and make angry eyes at Cheysuli when she tries to pull down the curtains.  Or swat her if she tries to sit on Momma when I am guarding her!


  1. OMC! It’s not good when a Mom gets hurt much less getting scalded like she did!

    Minchie does the same thing to our mom when she’s on the recliner with a blankie. He really goes to town on her.

    Please take real good care of your mom and hold off on those biscuits until she is healed.

  2. Oh No! Your poor Mommy! You keep guard on her and be a good girl!

  3. Be sure to take good care of Momma, and tell her to watch carefully for her burns to heal. Boiling hot tea water can cause very nasty burning. So sorry that happened to her.

  4. Oh no! We’re sorry your mom burned herself! But we are more sorry that you can’t make biscuits on her…that must be very hard for you, Gemini!

    (we hope your mom is better soon!)

  5. Oh, noes, how horrible! We are sendin’ to your momma our longest and furry bestest healing purrs.

  6. That must be so hard for both you and your mom because she needs your healing biscuit making paws but that would only make her feel worse! Sitting close and purring will help too.



  7. oh noes! we hopes your the mom gets better soon!

  8. Your poor mom! Burns are so painful. And I’m sorry you cannot do any poky-toes on her tummy for now.

  9. I’m so very sorry to hear about your Mom’s accident. Burns are so very painful! I hope she heals quickly.

    And, you’re a good girl Gemini to watch over her and not try to press on her sore belly. You keep Chey in line, too, because your Mom doesn’t need anymore problems right now.

  10. Gemmy, it’s impawtant to keep watch over the mom…apparently she’s not so good at watchin’ over herself, eh? I don’t know why they do stuff like that..mine sliced open her finger on the blade of the Press n’ Seal the other day…and it’s the finger she uses to open the Stinky Goodness! What’s with that? I’m tellin’ ya, ya just can’t leave’em on their own.

  11. Oh, your poor mum! I hope her belly is getting better soon. I never understood why humans drink hot stuff..

  12. Your poor mum. That must be very painful. We are sending purrs to help the blisters heal quickly.

  13. Just purr for your mum that she gets all unblistered so you can do biscuits again. That must be all ouchy for her.

  14. Ouch! Oh your poor Mom!
    Hope she’s doing better soon so she can appreciate the biscuits!

  15. We are sending soothing vibes and healing purrayers for your human mom’s burns. It’s OK to keep her company, just steer clear of her tummy for a little while…

  16. I am so sorry to know your mommy feel so uncomfy!!
    I am praying my best for her 🙁

  17. Looks like you have a full time job there, protecting your mewmies tummy!

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