Tabby Tuesday

IMG_7508aMomma is still working THIS WEEK!  What is she thinking. Well at least it is only a long half day today. That means she should be home by 3 PM (without a lunch break) and then she just has one day at her regular work and that probably won’t be as long and then she is off on Thursday!

I am very happy about this. I am tired of never getting any attention and having to miss all my friends.

On Monday the power company came and fixed permanently the thing that they had fixed temporarily last week when the power went out in half the house (but not the other half).   I am glad but it certainly got cold in the house while they were working. Momma was upstairs reading in the brightest room under the blanket so Chey and I came and sat on her where it was warm. I do not like being cold.


  1. My mom is working through Wednesday this week too….it’s just not right. At all.

  2. Poor baby! You need your mum home 24/7. Petition loudly! And Merry Christmas to you all.

  3. Oh dear ~ having to werk when it’s nearly Chrismouse!!!! We hope she has time to get yoo presents!

  4. She should rest now~
    It’s your holiday season!

  5. We don’t like to be cold either – but our Mom is such a cheapskate that she keeps the house a freezing 68… That just means that when she sits down we pile on top of her so she can’t move! We still win!

    Hopefully your Mom will be able to rest and enjoy the holiday, soon!

    Nico, Austin & JayJay 🙂

  6. We hope you can get lots of attention when your mum is home, but we think she could still be very busy on Thursday.

  7. We are happy that your momma will soon be finished with work and will be able to dote on you two 24/7. Moms throw a lot of body heat…just purrfect for snuggling up to.

  8. Oh, Gemini! We can not bear to think of you being cold! Snuggle up extra tight, OK?

  9. We’re glad the men fixed whatever was wrong so you won’t be cold anymore, Gemini!! We hope your mom is home now and you can cuddle with her!

  10. Glad your mom was there when the power was off and the house was cold, you all could keep each other warm and catch some zzzzzzs.

  11. Your mum needs to quit working and stay home with her kitties for the hollydays.

  12. We’re with you on that. We don’t like to be cold either.

  13. Glad your mom will be home soon. I don’t like being cold either.

  14. We do not like being cold either, Gemini. We hope your heat stays on now and that you enjoy the time your mombean has off from work. Good to see you.

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