Tabby Tuesday

IMG_7398aMomma! Just because I was noisy all night does not mean you have to show my buttocks… I think this is a very rude thing to do. What if Ping sees me?

I hope that everyone will forget about this little photo.  Except Santa.  And that he punishes Momma for showing this off.

Sometimes when I meow in the night and the morning, I am just lonely and she should pay attention to me.  Really.

Oh and she better be in trouble for being gone a lot again this week and keeping me from all my friends AGAIN


  1. Santa sees all!

  2. I meow meow meow at 3 am as well,
    We just need to meow~

  3. Target woke me with a “meep?” at 215AM this morning. He couldn’t sleep so we chatted for half an hour and then he purred us to sleep. Now i’m shattered and he’s in bed, napping….. cat fans are crazy.

  4. Well, you do have a really nice buttocks!

  5. You have very cute buttocks!

  6. We don’t mind seeing that picture of you at all! You are very cute!!

  7. ah moms. I just don’t get them. Santa will punish them. i’m sure of it. -hansel

  8. Hmmm, I was thinking that Ping might really like seeing that shot. You are so cute.

    Ginger has a message for you…she said to tell you that she feels your pain. Must be a Tabby thing.

    xoxo Cory

  9. Mom always threatens to bring out the camera when I am in a compromising pose, it seems. Never seems to be when my brothers are taking a bath… What’s wrong with these people?!

    Nico (w/ Austin & JayJay) 🙂

  10. Better be nice to your momma cuz you could still end up on Santa Claws’ naughty list. Ask you’s momma politely not to do it again…

  11. Why do humans get upset when you meow? A cat is supposed to meow! Would she rather hear you bark? Or moo??

  12. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

  13. You have got very cute floofy tocks.

  14. We have a suggestion. Wait until your mom is asleep and then take a photo of her she wouldn’t want to go public — but you’re going to post anyway — picture of her. Turnabout is fair, you know.

    Or you could skip the above step which is a lot of work anyway and just forgive her, but demand a bribe first.

  15. Oh my. Maybe a small circle, discreetly placed is needed.

    Your friend

  16. Gemini, you look like you had a fur explosion! This is the first time since Sunday we have finally been able to get into your blog. Whew! We were getting worrieds!

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