Tabby Tuesday

IMG_7354aMomma filled up big camera digital card the other afternoon and this was her favoritest photo of them all.  She says I look so bright eyed and happy.   I am glad that Momma liked my photo bestest.  Cheysuli was in her corner in her bed so the light was not so good and so her photos were not as clear as mine.

In other news, I am not real happy with this week.  Momma is doing vacation coverage for another acupuncturist and so she will be gone on her days off for a really really long time.   She works a lot on those days because this acupuncturist has way too many patients!  Momma has to really squeeze them all in.  She is not sure when I will get to visit my friends.  I am so sad that for the next two weeks I will hardly get to visit at all!  I hope that the other cats do not forget about me.


  1. Never! You could always get The Male to write for you. If he’s speaking to you after Chey’s comments that is.

  2. That is a great picture!

  3. Yoo look fabulous and we could NEVEr forget yoo. We’ll still be here when your Mom has time to help yoo! Smoochies.

  4. You do look very pretty there! Forget you? Never!

  5. That is a furry wonderful picture of you! We’re sure your mom will miss you just as much while she is having to work!

  6. You look beautiful today, Gemini…not that you’re not always beautiful, but today you look ‘specially beautiful!

    We hope your mom can find some time to spend with you…we hate the B word!

  7. That’s a great picture of you!! Don’t worry, we won’t forget you but we hope your Mom gets a break from work to spend with you.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. Beautiful picture, Gemini. Tell Mom not to overwork, especially with her shingles – minimize stress.

  9. Gemini, you do look quite lovely in that photo. The light just dances on your furs! We sure will not forget about you! And we can totally relate to not being able to visit much and having a very busy Mom. ::sigh::

    PS. Why does your post category say the latest with Chey, when clearly this is the latest with YOU! hrmph!

  10. Nico (cclark0412) says:

    Great pic, Gemini! We hope your Mom doesn’t work too hard!

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Nico (w/ Austin & JayJay)

  11. That is a lovely picture of you. It is good that your Mom is busy, though. Maybe she’ll buy you some extra toys for Christmas.

  12. Don’t worry Miss Gemini Bright Eyes. We would never forget about you.

  13. Mieow
    beautiful you are.

    I’m not in the right mood to comment as usual.
    You’ll understand when reading my COT this week.


  14. Good friends never forget about you, that is something we have really learned this fall! Make sure she gets lots of purring time, that seems to make cranky humans happy.

  15. Oh Gemini, you are so adorable. This photo of you is stunning!

    I feel very bad for you two kitties, such reckless neglect our humans display….
    Your mom should stay up all night and help you visit bloggs.
    My mom is equally uncooperative, I feel your frustrations


  16. We could never forget about you. My mom is going to be not so much help with us over the next week or so…we are not too happy with her either.

  17. We want to hug you, pretty lady~~~

  18. You do look lovely, dear. And don’t worry…we could never forget about you & Chey.

  19. Oh, Gemini, that is a beautiful picture of you! Trust me, you will not be forgotten!

  20. Gemini, you sweet lady cat, that is a beautiful portrait of you.

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