Sunday Guest Star:Just About Everyone

4191715360_53e260c591Many many cats got this one right.  So I’d like to take this Sunday to thank all my guessers!

Max gets the big guest photo shoot because he had the best answer though! Max made the Woman laugh saying, “OMG what did they do to you Chey? I’ve never seen a tree wedged up ANYONE quite that far, not even the angel that annoyed Santa so much that when she finally asked where he wanted her to put the tree….well, you get the picture…”

Terry and the Furrydance Kids (who weren’t sure)

Pixel and Samba (YEAH! They were right although they did give TWO guesses)

Forty Paws (yep)

Karen Jo (uh huh)

Simba (not grandparents–don’t have any…)

Sweet Praline (now that the pills are not being kicked into me, yeah I think I’m good)

Eric and Flynn (yep)

Sniffie and the Florida Furrkids (also right–and it is a GREAT spot for snoopervising)

Nico (correct)

The Island Cats (no I wasn’t at your house!)

Beau Beau and Angie (yes, home is where the heart is)

Lone Star Purrs (who just wished me a Merry Christmas, no matter where I was)

Gandalf and Grayson (uh no–not Al’s tree–although I’d like to be there)

Egypt and the Musketeers who can be forgiven for a wrong answer for calling me an angel!

The Zoo (who just wished me a Merry Christmas)

‘Kaika who was right as usual

Derby, who came out singing (correctly) the answer.

Mindy, Boe and Bono got the answer right for themselves and for Mickey, Tillie and Georgia

Tiger Lilly came by to wish me a Merry Christmas

The Rocky Mountain Meezers (who were correct)

Cory and friends (who were right and they didn’t even send me the photo!)

Molly, Shadow and Trooder who were so poetically correct.


  1. Shoot. We do not get it right even when everybuddy else does. But seeing your head atop your tree made us LOL, so it is still OK!

  2. Oh My Cod! We got one right!!!!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. Congratulations to everybuddy!!

  4. Yayy! Concats to everybody.

  5. I actually got one right! Yippee! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  6. How did we miss this? What a picture. We think we read the story Max refers to, so we understand why his answer was so funny.

  7. Yay for everycat!

  8. Those sure were a lot of good guesses! We wish we had been online Friday to add our own guess…

  9. We giggled at Max’s answer too!!!! 🙂
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  10. I GOT MY PICTURE ON CHEY’S BLOG!!!! OMG!!! I’ll be, like, FAMOUSER now!!!!

    I hope you got all the needles outta your hiney. You are offa the tree now, right…?

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