Sunday Guest Star: Simba

WreathEarly in the day many cats were CERTAIN I was in England but I was not.  Cory kindly invited me on a trek to the rowboat pond in Central Park.   Simba was the first to guess, saying, “Is it in Central Park in New York City? Is that a fancy apartment building overlooking the park, and the water a lake in the park?” Derby was also certain it was Central Park, “Mum says Central Park in New York, looking Southish, the building is either The Ritz or Plaza hotel.”  Faz also thought it was Central Park.

However, Simba began looking around and said, ” think it is looking West and that the building is the Eldorado on Central Park West in NYC. The water is the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir though in this picture in looks a lot like a river. My Mom has been to Central Park but she hasn’t gone rowing on any of the lakes there. But I got her to look up a map of Central Park on the internet and I think it is there. There are a bunch of buildings in NYC that have a similar style – apparently this one went into foreclosure in 1931 due to the stock market crash of 1929. I learned these things from Wikipedia because I don’t know stuff like that myself.”

The Woman has not been to this part of New York so is not certain who is correct, Simba or Derby.  Cory can you help?


  1. Sorry mum hasn’t actually been to NYC, she just sort of recognized the building. She thought it was England too until she took a good look.

  2. We’re no help. As usual. But we’re glad you’ve been rescued.

  3. Oh Bast, we GOTTA get in on this stuff on Fridays. We actually KNEW that place! We been there!

  4. My mom took the photo and the hand in the corner belongs to my dad, so Daisy had no reason to be scairt!!!

    Anyway, the picture was taken on the rowboat pond, the place where you can rent rowboats by the hour. Mom isn’t sure what direction she was looking when the picture was taken, but it’s not the resevoir I’m pretty sure. The boats were rented at the Loeb Boathouse.

    The picture was taken in October 2001, right after 9/11. Oregonians were encouraged to go visit NYC in the aftermath of the destruction and so mom and dad went.

  5. I never remember to come and guess. Of course I also never know where you are, except that one time, and that was just luck because the OTW happened to broused past a picture of that place a few days earlier while I was on her shoulder…

    We added your suggestion of fireplaces to our cold weather survival guide. Thank you!

  6. ConCATulations Simba! My Simba, Alfie and I had absolutely no idea! :)xxx

  7. Concats to Simba. It does look very similar to Camridge though, so as usual we either didn’t know or we guessed wrong. We must try harder.

  8. thanks for joining WCB and concats to Simba.
    we never are any use in guessing where you are but it is fun to read all the guesses tho!

  9. Congratulations to Simba. As usual, we were clueless, but Mom thought maybe the banks of the Thames.

  10. Cory: That is further South. If your Mom was looking West, it could be the San Remo building instead.
    The two buildings look a lot alike. I will insist my Mom and Dad go there and go for a row some time and check it out!

  11. Mom hasn’t been to Central Park in a squillion years so she says we can’t help.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  12. Congrats to Simba! You sure fooled a few cats!

  13. Well,if you’re going to get lost at least you are in a park 😉
    Have a nice wander around!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  14. Well, concats to Simba anyway for answering in the right vicinity. He looks lovely in his Christmas wreath.

  15. Congrats, Simba! (You do look very handsome with your wreath …)

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