Sunday Guest Star: Maobert

wet2Well this week lots of cats had a lot of good ideas but only one got the answer right. Miss Peach knew it was in Massacchusetttetsststts but was in the wrong place. LC, Ayla and Iza said, “Ooh, ooh, we know! Yer near a “lighthouse” an probly near the ocean too…”  Pixel and Samba said I was on Cape Cod.  And yes all those are correct but only Maobert got the complete answer, “Are Yoo all dun gessing? On behalf of Jeter Harris’ mom, I’m gonna gess that it’s the Race Point Lighthouse Located northwest of Provincetown MA near the northernmost point of Cape Cod. Latitude: 42.06232 Longitude: -70.24308

Hay, is Smartypants ‘Kaika taking the week off?????”

Yes, Maobert, that is where I am.  Apparently ‘Kaika has not been around this weekend or I am certain he would have gotten the answer before you Mao…

I should like to thank Cory again for allowing me to use this lovely photo.  And here you all thought Cory would be a West Coast cat… !

I still think it is a great sort of litter box.  Max had this advice, “Um…all I know is that if you don’t cover nicely, people will get upset, no matter how big that litterbox is…”  You know, I always cover nicely…  Yes, Tripper, sometimes others like you to cover…


  1. That’s a lot of smart kitties!

  2. We must be the dumbest kitties on record ’cause we can NEVER guess right!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. Concats to the winners. We will be generous and give our mum half a point out of ten because she probably passed by it when they went from Boston to Rhode Island.

  4. Congrats to Maobert for getting it exactly right!

  5. Concats to Mao and Jeter Harris. Yes, I too think it is a very nice litter box. My Mom and Dad must have gone past there but Mom didn’t recognize it. She tells me they went whale watching from Provincetown many years ago. Before my time, of course (so much was before my time).

  6. Oh, Pee Ess: did Mao get the bath because he guessed right? That’s a bum reward!

  7. Wow! Congrats, Maobert!
    I do have to agree with Simba, though.. A bath is kind of an icky reward. Unless you’re Melvin… Then it’s expected!

  8. That was so exciting ’cause I knew where you were at and couldn’t say anything!!! Concats to Mao. Mom said it was super windy on the day they were there.

  9. Maobert is a genius! We’re pretty thick, we never get it right.

    I have to ask: is that a B-A-T-H picture???

  10. Maobert is a genius! We’re pretty thick, we never get it right.

    I have to ask: is that a B-A-T-H picture??? Who is it in there, being tortured?

  11. WE like to see all the kitty guesses 🙂
    Some kitties are very funny,heehee
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  12. Oh, we fergot we were sposed ta be more specific. We’ll try better.

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